Wood Blinds Or Faux Wood Blinds: Know The Difference

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Horizontal blinds are a trendy and in-style choice of window covering as they give a great deal of privacy and can manage the amount of light that is allowed into the room efficiently. If someone wants the wooden blinds for their space be it home or office then they have the option of real wood or faux wood. There are many differences between the two including cost, sturdiness and composition and each type has its own benefits.

Materials Used For Blinds

Window blinds are composed from numerous types of wood including solid wood such as oak, maple or cherry which are heavier and more costly than blinds made from aspen, basswood or poplar. Faux wood style blinds are made from synthetic polymers or PVC. These materials are heavy and are less likely to wrap or tarnish when exposed to heat.

Difference in cost between the two types of blinds

Wood is more costly than faux wood as it uses more expensive raw materials to create the blinds and the production process costs more all because the wood will require either to be painted or stained. A stamping process is used on the faux wood to give a similar grain effect.

The real cost of the blinds will differ according to the size of the window that they are covering. For an example a blind made from tailored wood for a 25 x 50 inch window could cost up to $200 on the other hand a faux wood substitute would cost anywhere from $90 to $175. Therefore, you can see the difference in pricing.


All types of wood blinds have a visual appeal that will match most designs and style of room. If the slats are blemished then this highlights the grain of the wood which gives an attractive aspect to the blind. Painted slats are suited to rooms that are more modern. If they are in the accurate environment and not open to too much heat and moisture then wood blinds can last for a longer period.

The major advantage of faux wood blinds is that they are not affected by the heat in the same way as wood blinds are. The distinction in the visual effect between the two types of blinds is negligible. The room environment should be taken into consideration before deciding between wood and faux wood blinds to make it sure that will not be replaced too often.

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