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Timber has been enormously been in used for last several centuries and even today it is much in demand. Timber is versatile and provides uses in different industries and...

Timber has been enormously been in used for last several centuries and even today it is much in demand. Timber is versatile and provides uses in different industries and uses. There are broad ranges of uses one can think of when it comes to timber. Timber is supplied to different nations for many purposes; some have their own trees or process it from outside nations. It’s a big import and export commodity and very high in demand across the world.

Usually, when it comes to timber, people accustom it to building and construction materials. Other than this, there are different uses where Timber plays a very important role in today’s world. The demand is much in different corners of the world for different uses, there are Timber Supplier Dubai exporting reliable timber at best rates.

Uses of Timber

Timber is in use since centuries and has been in use for different purposes. Timber is used for making air dispensers, artificial limbs, bakers equipment, balconies, decks, beehives, cladding boat and ship construction, terraces, carvings, fencing, flooring, cabinet making, furniture and many amongst other options. The uses of timber are simply endless. There are N numbers of things that people can make out from Timber and it plays an important role in modern societies too.

Benefits of Timber in construction materials

Timber is the only material used in the construction industry that is a 100% renewable resource of the construction industry. This renewable resource forms a direct employment for hundreds and thousands of people in the industries that use timber. The country from where its exported forms the very base of the high amount of employment percentage. Timber is ecologically safe and sound; it’s easy to even dispose of it without any kind of pollutions. There are different timber’s natural variations that add aesthetic interests.

WBT group in Dubai is one of the most reliable Timber Merchants in Dubai that provides high-quality timber that is best in quality and standards. There are several varieties of sawn timber to select from. These high-quality timber finished products from Timber stay for a longer duration of time and they are rich in quality and texture.

Sawn timber products are usually used in different engineering and construction industries. It includes other industries such as flooring, joinery, lining, crafts, and furniture. The value of a timber is determined by many factors hence there are different timbers having different log values. The logwoods are cut and graded for different uses. The species of timber, the diameter of the wood, straightness, age, length, the presence of product, growth stresses, etc determine the value of the timber.

WBT Company was founded in the year 1990 in Dubai and establishes itself as one of the largest suppliers of Burmese teak timbers. It is one of the trustworthiness suppliers of reliable timber in the region. There are other exotic hardwoods that the group sources to tropical countries where the demand for Timber is high. Since last several years, the group has also diversified in offering other timber items such as boards, planks, scantlings, flooring, and decking, etc.

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