5 purposeful Ideas to put your spare room in your house to good use

Here are some resourceful ideas to put your spare room to good use.

Having spacious house allows you to have rooms for each purpose separately hence maintaining the house clutter-free. Lucky are those who put these rooms for a proper use with cleverness. Even after planning out the rooms for each purpose, there always comes where you’ll feel perplexed of utilizing the spare room that is left empty. Here are some resourceful ideas to put your spare room to good use.

Home office

Whether you work from home or you need a place to work occasionally to take care of any important paper works & projects, you might need a home office for this function alone that turns out of the best use of the room later. You feel comfortable and can keep all your requirements at an easily accessible spot in the home office rather than searching the among your things in the living room. Defining rooms for its only function saves you time and can work without stress. Just put a working desk with storage cabinets and drawers to keep all your necessities in place to work in peace.

Library/reading room

If you are a voracious reader and love books, then turn the spare room into a library or a reading nook. You just have to add a bookshelf along the wall and make the space comfortable enough to read alone with joy. You can include sitting furniture like a bean sofa cum storage or a colourful bean bag, or a swing, by adding soft and bright cosy pillows to transform the room warm and quiet. Match up the seating area with gentle lamps to make it easy for the reader to read novels any time of the day.


We, elders, can either go to the apartment gym or jogging track for daily exercises but children need some space to play and learn. Though there are playgrounds in most of the apartments for sale in OMR, yet you need space for children to play indoors under your watch if you’re busy to take them out. Rather creating a mess in the living or bedroom with toys, allocating a separate room to play avoids the mess and toys & mess can be kept within inside the room itself. Add a small sitting table and chairs for the children to draw or paint and add some toy storage bins to the room. Make sure there is a soft colourful rug added to the floor to avoid injuries while playing since most falling injuries happen during play. Having separate playroom for kids ensures a neat and tidy home by avoiding messy toys in the open living area.

Walk-in closet

If you love fashion and update your closet with a new set of clothes often, then you’d likely want an extra closet to store all your fashionable and trendy clothes and accessories. Just add a large closet to the room and organize all your clothes there with separate drawers. Also, add a vanity table to the room with task lighting fixtures to get ready for school, office and parties every day.

Planting room

If you live in spacious apartments rather than individual houses, then your spare room can put to a better use if you love greenery. If you are most fond of plants and gardens, then turning out the spare room into planting room is a great thought. If you have natural light coming into the room through the window, then you can even have outdoor plants in the room and can enhance your gardening skills inside your apartment. Having a separate planting room enables you to have mud-free surroundings. Keep the plants and essentials for planting and watering tools inside a cabinet in the spare room. There isn’t any other way to purposefully use the spare room other than enhancing your life with greenery.

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