Amazing Small Space Interior Design Tips

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Those people who have small homes, means they have small spaces for the storages. So, they want to utilize every free space they can for the storage. But they do not know how to make free space into storage space which also look beautiful. Look beneath your bed, if you think the height of your bed is enough to add drawers under it, go for it. Add drawers beneath your bed with the same color. Same idea for the stairs, made draws on each stair or under the stairs, if the empty space is available. Make sure that the empty space you are utilizing by making that a storage space, should look beautiful also, which only depends on your creativity. With the presence of mind, you can utilize all free possible spaces very smartly.

Natural Light and Long Curtains

Use long size curtains and hang them higher. Make your room’s window size bigger because big size windows will provide more natural light into your home and this will give not only a wider image to your place but also a good natural air flow. The curtains color should be light and the design depends on your taste. Try this tip, it will surely give a positive change in your small space.

Folding Chairs and Tables

For the small places, the folding chairs and tables are the ideal products to use. Because it saves the space very smartly. When you need to use them,simply open them and when the work is done, refold them and put them on the side. You can also use wall-fixed tables, means table attached to the wall from one side, which can be folded or closed to the wall after using. It is also a great idea to utilize small spaces.

The Ceilings and walls

If you want to add depth to your small room, paint your ceiling with another color. Means your ceiling should have a different color, not same as like the walls. You must apply a brighter color on your ceiling as compared to the walls. This technique will surely give a wider image to your small room, not only rooms but also kitchen, living room, etc. In small rooms, use residential wallpaper designs. Color paints are good, but to make your small room look bigger and more beautiful, add decorative luxury designer wallpapers. In the UK, you can not only buy designer wallpapers easily  from the showrooms, but also you can buy the wallpapers online in UK.

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