How to update your home with mid-century modern style

This article helps you with some effective ways to transform your house with mid-century modern look.

The mid-century modern style is all the rage these days. Like how any home gets industrial, contemporary and other rustic looks, you can still transform your home with mid-century modern style. There are simple to the hardest ways to get the mid-century look, but here are some improvements you can do to get the mid-century modern look for your home.

Let real wooden furniture take the centre-stage

In this century, people are accustomed to buying only the engineered wood. Rather try purchasing real wood furniture. Buying 50’s are the real masterpieces to include in a house to bring the look. Woods like rosewood, teak, walnut and oak with high-quality furnishing takes up the place to an extraordinary level. Purchasing these old masterpieces might be too much work for you. Instead, there are a plenty of modern-made replicas found in the stores which looks original.

Light up your room bright

You could definitely notice stunning modern fixtures and lights dangling from the ceilings. Be selective while choosing light fixtures for your home. Select only one-of-its-kind pieces to add the mid-century style for the home. They are not only functional but mimic artistic appearance. Look for the one piece which sounds architectural and sculptural. The mid-century style is not all about the match-match theme, no need to worry about buying lamp sets or anything exactly same. Undeniably, pendant lighting which is bold is a must-have quality when it comes to transforming your house into a modern, yet artistic era.

Furnishings with multi-functional pieces

Forgetting to purchase mass furniture with the set is all about mid-century style. A different combinational purchase of vintage, flea markets and finding the unique one that personifies the art of mid-century makes this style. Be choosy while furnishing your house to get the mid-century look. Look through all of your old furniture to select the bold furniture which has perfect mid-century legs, bold and strong fabric. I chose an armless vintage chair while rearranging my old apartment in OMR Chennai. This transformation looked upgraded and my apartment actually looked real and beautiful with the mid-century look.

Mirror on the wall

A mirror is a perfect accessory for whatever the style you choose. Mirrors add a light and airy feel to the room. And it also makes any small space appear larger. You could place two mirrors opposite to one another to reflect and the room appears larger and undeniably bright. It is evident that the mid-century homes must have sunburst mirror. It is the feature icon for this style. There are a plethora of originals and replicas found in the stores. You can purchase them and adorn your room within your budget.

A modern kitchen is the formatting element of any house

The prominent thing encountered by most homeowners for craving the mid-century look is that they want their houses to look modernized and ahead of its time. All the ladies in the house want to feel energetic to present their culinary skills in the modernized kitchen. This generation homes are setting an example of futuristic wave among homeowners. To modernize the kitchen, replace the curved and ornate kitchen cabinets with plain and wooden ones. Adding stainless steel which is sleek would be better. And, the marble to the countertop surfaces, laminate flooring is the way to the mid-century kitchen. Keep it simple, plain, minimalistic and real for getting the transformation right.

Paint white to get it right

The high-quality furnishing is uplifted when you paint the walls white. When you cover all the walls of your home with white paint, the furniture looks incredibly authentic with mid-century style vibes. The best, simple and effective rule for any house is to paint it completely white. Not only white, colours like sandalwood, light brown and cream would also be better for this style. These days, most villas in Chennai are mid-century styled ones which are attracting buyers’ cravings for dwelling in modern and futuristic homes.

Author bio: Varsha Reddy writes for Alliance Group. They offer the best apartments in Chennai OMR, where residents are given the opportunity to dwell in the futuristic homes in an exemplary lifestyle.

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