The White Teak Company – The New Destination for Luxury Home Decor

The White Teak Company is a Luxury Lighting & Home Decor store with a mission – to revamp the home decor market in India. The site has 300+ never-seen-before...

The White Teak Company is a Luxury Lighting & Home Decor store with a mission – to revamp the home decor market in India. The site has 300+ never-seen-before products of various kinds ranging from Glass Chandeliers to Wooden Odds and Ends for your home.

Right from the start, White Teak promises to be a disruptive brand – with the international feel website, grandeur-infused photos, and products that scream glamour.

Here’s how they’re using technology to disrupt the decor market in India:

  1. Lifestyle Photographs:

Every product has a Lifestyle photo attached to it. A rendering of how the product will look placed in a living room scenario. This helps people gauge the relative size compared to standard furniture sizes, eg: a dining table, or sofa set.

These photographs help shoppers visualize the product in the context of a real life space, and helps understand the style and size of the product better.

  1. 360-degree Virtual Tours:

Haven’t you wondered how to get a feel of the product from all angles online? 5-6 photos per product don’t always speak the truth of the product, especially non-standard ones like these and hence 360 Degree Virtual Tours help provide the feel of products by allowing the user to interact with the photographs. Curious to know what the behind of that lamp looks like? Spin it around! Interested in the kind of bulbs used? You can now zoom in and spin it around to see it from all angles.

  1. Perspective Images:

Perspective photos feature a man holding the product to give users the approximate relative size of the product. This helps users relate the size to their own height, and hence visualize it better.

  1. COD for e-commerce is a must-have, especially in the Indian context where online transactions aren’t that common.

White Teak has introduced 15% online pre-payment option called ‘Easy-Pay’. Through this option, a customer can pay 15% online and the balance 85% as Cash on Delivery. So, if a product cost Rs. 10,000/-, the customer has to simply pay Rs. 1,500/- online and the rest Rs. 8,500/- through Cash. This ensures a smoother process and guarantees the customer that White Teak is accountable for the delivery of the product.

  1. Prices All Inclusive: Every product on the White Teak website is final-priced and inclusive of both, taxes and shipping. This is a trend we hope to see more e-commerce companies should catch up on! As it happens far too often that we end up adding products to the cart and then at checkout you’re billed a lot more for shipping and/or taxes.

Combine all the technical aspects above with some kick-ass products – and there you have it – the signs of a company that means serious business. All in all, The White Teak Company seems to be a promising new start-up in the e-commerce space, and one to definitely look out for, for all needs of Luxury Decor & Luxury Lighting,

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