Top Five Office Interior Trends in 2018

From staid wooden tables, cabinets and dusty files and indifferent carpets, the office design has certainly come a long way. Advances in technology have made the world much smaller...

From staid wooden tables, cabinets and dusty files and indifferent carpets, the office design has certainly come a long way. Advances in technology have made the world much smaller enabling the employees to work from just about anywhere. It has also made office interior designers to rethink their design to bring in the same fluidity and flexibility in the space.

We believe that an efficient office interior design would be a win-win situation for both the employees and the employers. Today, office design layout has gone beyond the desk, décor and the carpet colour and now encompasses attributes such as attitude, positivity and the look & feel of the space. The physical workplace has now become a critical tool to keep your employees motivated and productive which is why it has become an essential investment of sorts for companies and corporates.

Workplaces that are mindful of today’s fluid work style and promote the health of their employees are more sought after today because most companies and corporates have realized that a good office interior is worth the investment in the long-run. Here are five office interior trends recommended by top office interior designers that are likely to bring in a wave of transformation in the office design –

Trend #1 – Open Office

  • When your work structure becomes more fluid, open office culture comes to the forefront. A modern office space design demands that we provide ‘hot desks’ for employees who will not be assigned a specific desk. They can work just about anywhere… an alcove, a sofa, a corner overlooking the window skyrise or a desk placed in the lounge overlooking the sea.
  • Open office culture is all about creating more open spaces, giving your employees room to walk around, mull, debate and work on a problem with enough and more legroom.
  • Most office interior designers feel that open-plan workspaces give the employees a sense of freedom with expansive views as it evocates a cohesive spirit among the employees to work in collaboration with other teams. With no physical barriers separating people, managers become more accessible to employees and that in turn encourages communication.
  • The open office workspace also encourages ‘culture collision’ where employees of different departments work in the same space sharing ideas, networking and communicating in a manner that is mutually beneficial.
  • Open workspaces have a certain energy and vibrancy that rubs off on the employees in the most positive way.
  • Most Turnkey interior contractors in Bangalore employ glass partitions to great effect to create visual boundaries to demarcate one’s personal space. Glass partitions are also advantageous because they offer an unobstructed view of what’s happening everywhere else.
  • Those conscious of the environment are also using many alternative materials to create dividers that define spaces with bamboo walls, display cabinets or acoustic panels.

Trend #2 – Gaming, Entertainment and Bonding

  • They do say that ‘all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’ and it is true. Even an open workspace needs areas that call the ‘time out’. Today, office interior designers are specifically asked to design breakout spaces where one can huddle around for a much-need coffee break or share a lunch. A few offices go all out and give their employees sliding down tubes, indoor putting greens, scooters to vroom around and veritable jungles to lounge about. Most, Turnkey interior contractors in Bangalore are installing foosball tables, pocket football and indoor game areas within office layouts to create a homogenous productive environment.
  • Providing gaming areas breaks the monotony of the work and one doesn’t need to search for a pub or a speakeasy to unwind and relax. Surveys have long indicated that breakout spaces within the office design make work more relaxed, fun and more productive.
  • One can give their imagination a wild reign while designing breakout spaces in an office. Depending on the budget and space available, we can go all out and create alcoves, coffee shops, libraries or gaming zones or create a veritable jungle or star wars themed lounges for the employees to zone out. Not even sky is the limit when fun is the goal of a design.

Trend #3 – Branding

  • Colours and design go hand in hand, especially while designing an office interior. Today, vibrant hues of colours are preferred over the staid greys and blues that have dominated the office design space for decades. A lot of thought and research has gone into the psychology of colours and most companies are very particular about using happy colours that have an impact on the employee’s well-being and general mood. Using the colours of their logo and brand are equally important because they have the ability to connect the people with the associated brand values.
  • By careful positioning of logos and colours, a balance between brand colours and happy colours can be sought. Textures and patterns of various mood colours can be used in a design to evoke a positive response.
  • We believe that an office design should be in sync with the company’s ethos, aims and objectives. It should also help bolster the corporate image and the brand value. One thing that an office interior design company should be conscious about is to ensure that the design is not in cross purposes with the company culture.
  • We also believe that an effective design will influence, enhance and also change the company culture for better.
  • Apart from colour, a good design should incorporate good lighting, appropriate décor and textures. Good corporate branding can also be achieved through versatile furniture as well. A good office design uses soft furnishing, wall art, multi-purpose furniture to great effect to highlight the company’s brand and culture.
  • A well-designed signage and decals go a long way in establishing your company’s brand image. Using frosted glass doors or dividers with company name and logo makes a great example of subtle branding.
  • We believe that office interior designers should get a sense of the brand for which they are designing. The good design should not only reflect the brand’s personality but also enhance it. Professional, serious, fun, light-hearted, casual, ethical – there are many shades to a brand’s personality. It is vital that the designer understand the business, what type clients they serve, and what their clients expect from the brand.
  • Branding through interior design is not only challenging but also very complex. One has to be consistent to reinforce the brand image and identity. Each and every item of your corporate décor adds personality to your brand and brings it alive.
  • For example, a company that deals with alternate and sustainable energy should reveal its mission and vision through their corporate design. Their core beliefs of sustainable energy should be incorporated in the design. By doing so, you are not only investing in your brand but also building an example for your clients to opt for your products and services.
  • A clearly branded workplace environment goes a long-way in promoting the company’s brand and reputation.

Trend #4 – Create Open Workstations

  • There was a time when closed cubicle offices were compared to that of a coffin because they were oppressively small and enclosed and there was no room for fun in that space. Today, these walls are falling down and the cubicles are fast vanishing to make room for open workstations.
  • There are many advantages to this. Cost-effectiveness is a huge factor here. No more cubicles, cabins or custom-made desks. One desk will fit all!
  • Your office space looks more flexible and lucid and gives you room to arrange it in whatever way you choose. When the office space is boxed in with cubicles and cabins, you have less or no room to fit in more employees. That wouldn’t pose a problem with an open workstation in place. In the US, 80% of professional and technical companies have incorporated an open workstation design because it boosts their productivity levels.
  • Along with an open workstation, most office designs also include team zones, war rooms and hot desks. What seemed fancy a few years have become vital and necessary due to the development of information technology.
  • Office design layouts especially where an open workstation is concerned must have an element of balance. If the workstations are too close for comfort, the work environment will become noisy, disruptive and reduce air quality and will by no means contribute to productivity. Comfort is an important keyword that ought to dictate and dominate the design.
  • Turnkey interior contractors in Bangalore feel that most workplace designs focus more on the employee’s activity rather than the job title. In the past, one would expect the CEO of the company to have a large swanky office with a lovely view, plush carpets and the best of the desks and chairs to host meetings.
  • Today, that isn’t the case.
  • Companies are rethinking the space allocated to employees. Those who are bound to the desk and spends 90% of their time on the phone needs a quiet cabin to work while a sales manager who probably spends more time travelling in and out of office gets a desk.
  • One could say that office interior designs are transforming the hierarchy in more than one way.

Trend #5 – Use live plants

  • The world is going green and so should you. By bringing in nature, you will be making live plants an integral part of the design. There are many advantages with this type of design. For one thing, visually stunning plant displays can be designed at a very economical cost. You also manage to associate your brand and corporate image with the environment and gain brownie points for promoting all things natural.
  • Branding apart, going green, brings in nature to your space and helps to keep your employees stress-free and happy. Plants will your space a calm environment and all things appear with fresh and clean perspective promoting greater productivity.
  • Live plants blur the lines between office space and habitats and allow you to relax and relieve your stress. It also reminds of the fact that you are not in a concrete jungle where all things run by nuts and bolts. By bringing your employees closer to nature, you can encourage them to look after the plants and in the process, they may discover a green thumb, perhaps. Most Office interior design company in Bangalore are designing vertical gardens to add aesthetics to space.
  • Plants bring in tranquillity within a space and allow the people within it to relax and be centred in their approach. They say that there is an innate beast within a man to be in nature and yet we have caged it within the four walls of cubicles. Studies have proved that fact that live plants have reduced depression among employees and have improved productivity, increased creativity and has reduced absenteeism.
  • Another compelling reason to go for live plants would be the fact that it improves the air quality within the office. Fresh air, calm environment and a natural façade, what more would you need to make office interiors work for you?
  • Most Office interior design company in Bangalore feel that office design layouts are undergoing a transformation with more and more people opting to innovate and go bold. As investments go, you could any of these trends or opt for all, they would work to be cost-effective. Budgets aside, trends that are designed to keep your employees happy, productive and creative will never go out of vogue.
  • More and more companies today are opting for a biophilic design that brings in the elements of nature within the space because in the long-run it helps to keep your employees happy and your workplace more productive.
  • Some trends are here to stay. As one of the leading Turnkey interior contractors in Bangalore, we have listed trends that are likely to evolve in the coming years. A well-designed office will earn you more in terms of reputation, branding, goodwill and the loyalty of employees.
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