What are the features of a good quality garden sink?

Water should not be a problem for you! Yes a good source of freshwater supply is something all of us want. For those of us who appreciate immaculate and...

Water should not be a problem for you! Yes a good source of freshwater supply is something all of us want. For those of us who appreciate immaculate and hygienic daily chores will appreciate the installation of a garden sink. 

Whether you are an avid gardener, like to throw outdoor parties because eating on patio amongst the pretty flowers is much more fun than eating at dining tables or a nature friendly canvas painter who likes to paint outdoors and thus need to clean your brushes every now and then, you all will know how messy it becomes to wash utensils, veggies or brushes in a wash basin inside. You should know that installing a portable garden sink outside your house is both easy, clean and good for your hygiene. 

Know this before you buy!

Before you jump on to buying a garden sink you need to know a few things. There are four types of garden sinks available. Two sinks, three sinks and four sinks. 2 compartment sinks are used more widely for home usage where the need is just washing hands or utensils. Three compartment sinks are used for commercial purpose like clinics, dentists, food joints, beauty salons, etc. A four compartment sink needs bigger area and used where there are a large number of people working like restaurants and catering services on wheels where you need water for multiple purposes at the same time. As these wash basins are on wheels, it’s easy to roll them from one room to another or from one garden area to another. 


Solution for different seasons

In summer season you might want to roll them under a shade to avoid the scorchy sunlight (most probably if you are in or anywhere near California!) and in winter you might want to push it into your garage to avoid the chilly cold weather outside. If it is a brunch with your beloved family members or friends no one will find it hard to wash and you won’t have to clean the sink area after they leave. The two types of tanks available will make it easy for you to fill the tank when it’s empty and empty out the waste water tank. Most of the freshwater tanks can hold up to 5-7 gallons of water so you don’t have to worry about refilling it multiple times. Also since most stainless steel sinks have electric water heater and pump you will have no complaints in winter from your guests! The only thing you have to take care of is socket because a garden sink that provides hot water needs to be plugged in order to heat up the water. The stainless steel garden sink that only provides cold water does not need power and is good for summer seasons.


Sink material is important

While buying a garden another thing that you should keep in mind is what kind of material is the sink made of. Is it stainless steel or ceramic? 


I will hereby list out why buying a stainless steel sink will be good for your garden area:

  • Stainless steel tanks are easier to clean and of course, as the name suggests, resistant to stains and corrosion.
  • They are bio-degradable and offer eco friendly usage.
  • They are very sturdy and harder to break.
  • They can resist chemicals from food items and thus their look and feel will not change for a long time.
  • They are cheaper and lighter than ceramic sinks.

With these features in mind now you will be able to take a wise decision on which sink should you buy! Portable Sink Depot is an online store that gives you myriad choices when it comes to selecting a portable sink according to your own needs. Whether you need a two, three or 4 compartment sink, you will not regret buying from them! All their sinks are health department tested and made from high quality stainless steel. So now don’t worry about getting no water in arid areas or when you decide to party outdoors! All this will be solved with a good quality garden sink!

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