Are you moving home? – Things that must be considered

Moving to a new home is a stressful activity as it does not involve just packing things from one place and unpacking at other. It needs lot of planning...

Moving to a new home is a stressful activity as it does not involve just packing things from one place and unpacking at other. It needs lot of planning not just on the physical or building level but also requires changes at the level of banks, license, mail address and utilities. Home owners can plan in advance to make home moving a less of a strenuous activity. Let us find out some of the important things that should not be missed while moving a home.

Important Things to Consider while Moving Home

Inform your bank: Your finance provider must be aware about the changes in your home address to avoid any hassles like blocking of cards etc. Informing your bank also keeps you safe against any kinds of fraudulent activity. If some important documents like PIN number are sent to the old address then there are fair chances of fraud and mind well that the bank may not cover such losses if it was not informed about the change in the address.

Therefore, before you move home, do write to your bank about the change in your address and get a confirmation from them so as to avoid any financial disasters.

Inform the utility supplier: Before moving to a new place, make sure that you clear all utility bills and outstanding balance, if any. You must inform your gas and electricity provider about the change in address and also take a final meter reading so as to get an accurate bill for the utilities associated with the current home.

On shifting to the new home, the first thing you should do is check the meter reading and keep a note of it. This will save you from paying for the energy and gas supplies used by previous resident, if any. This way, you need to keep a tab on your utility bills before and after shifting the place.

Ensure all legalities related to your vehicle: Before shifting the house, you need to make certain arrangements for your car and other vehicles that you own. You must inform your car insurance provider about the change in the address as in many cases claims have been rejected due to difference in address in the records and actual address.

You also need to update address in your driving license which can be easily done online through the DirectGov website or you can get it done through your local post office. The next big thing is about updating the car ownership document which needs at least a month. Therefore, you must send the updated documents to DVLA much in advance to the shift of place.

You may need to get parking permit around the new house especially when you need to park your car on a privately owned plot. So, make sure you manage all these things related to the vehicle before you shift your base physically.

Update the credit file: It is always advisable to settle all bills pertaining to your current home much before you make an actual move. This will prevent any damage to your credit file and keep it up to date.

You must get your new address updated in your electoral roll as the voting information is tracked by credit card companies to verify the borrower’s authenticity. It is very important information for your future credit and so, it becomes highly significant to update your electoral roll.

Readdressing mails is vital: Another important point is to get all your mail on the new address. This is also important to avoid frauds and save yourself from suffering huge financial losses. Readdressing can be done through Royal Mail and may require a cost. However, the cost of redirecting could be much lesser than any of the financial losses due to the lack of updated mail address.

Keep the entertainment zone updated: Before shifting to a new place, you need to notify the providers of your mobile phone, broadband, home phone television license provider and more. You can change your TV license on the TV license website.

Also, the shift of place would be a great opportunity to grab best offers on broadband, home phone and television. Compare the service providers in the new area and choose the cheapest deals.

Apart from all these factors, you can put efforts to save on your home shifting process. You can arrange for packing services much in advance or get some help from your friends. By doing things in advance you would be saved by the last minute expenses. You can also choose to take lift from friends instead of expensive van rental. This way, small ideas can work wonders in saving big deal of money when you want to move home.

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