Pros to Buying a Wood Fireplace

The calendar has turned to October, which means cooler nights will start to set in and temperatures will start to drop. There is no better way to embrace these...

The calendar has turned to October, which means cooler nights will start to set in and temperatures will start to drop. There is no better way to embrace these cooler temperatures than with a nice warm fire in your home.

A wood fireplace can be a perfect addition to a home. The nice woodwork can add elegance to a room and the fireplace itself creates a homey feeling and a perfect place for conversation and relaxation.

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Wood burning fireplaces are made up of four parts. The hearth is the floor in front of the fireplace. The firebox is the compartment where the wood burns. The damper is the lever that opens and closes the chimney flue. The smoke chamber and flue is where the smoke is drawn and directed upward and out of the chimney.

Using seasoned wood creates less of a buildup of smoke, so always use seasoned wood to get the most out of your fireplace. There are actually several benefits and pros to having a wood fireplace.

Using a wood fireplace can be cheaper than other heating methods. The price of wood is cheaper than getting heating oil, natural gas, or coal to heat your home. Wood can also be purchased locally within your community, which not only helps you but supports local business. You can get wood in a lot of places, from local businesses to small convenience stores to supermarkets and outdoor stores. The price of wood is also relatively stable, which means that unlike other resources such as gas or oil, the price will not fluctuate constantly.

The view of a wood fireplace creates the natural ambiance of the outdoors right in your own home. It’s a touch of the outdoors and sitting around a campfire for warmth on a cool autumn night that can be brought inside. There is a comfort to sitting around a wood burning fire.

Wood is also a renewable and sustainable resource, making it better for the environment.

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