Hose Clamps: Saviours of the modern day machinery

When you are looking at multiple problems related to hose fastening, tightening of flanges and automobile hose related issues, it is almost inevitable to not get your issues resolved at the same place. Except if you decide to visit Jolly Clamps. Jolly Clamps is one of the leading manufacturers and distributors of clamps in India and is the all-in-one solution to all your issues and requirements. Jolly Clamps is very popular as one of the finest Hose Clip manufacturers, No Hub Couplings manufacturers, Spring Loaded T Bolt Clamps manufacturers and Mini Hose Clips manufacturers.

Let’s have a brief info on the aforementioned:

Hose Clips: Hose Clips are the aids for successful pumping of fluids from one end of the hose to the other end. When a fluid is pumped from the source or one end of a hose, the liquid is transferred at high speed and pressure. In that case, it is very important that the liquid is transferred efficiently without any loss. It is here when the hose clamps play their role. They make sure the leakage is prevented even in the most extreme conditions. They are of two basic types: screw type and spring type.

No Hub Couplings: No Hub Couplings were designed specifically for cast iron pipes. Its revolutionary design had brought a great relief to the otherwise tedious and labour intense installations wherein joining two pipes required skilled labour to pour molten lead in between two pipes. This was a very hazardous process and could result in grave damages in case of mishaps. The No Hub Coupling has an inner rubber gasket surrounded by a stainless steel band for tightening.This arrangement helps the pipes carry large volumes of liquid without any leakage or damage.

Spring Loaded T Bolt Clamps: These are the modified versions of the traditional clamps. They have a screw system for tightening the clamp strips which greatly helps in adjusting according to the dimensional changes brought about by thermal variations. Spring Loaded T Bolt Clamps are as good as any customized hose clamps and are extremely popular.

Mini Hose Clips: These are the miniature versions of the regular hose clips. They may be small in size but are big on performance. They are widely used in automobile engines for pumping the engine liquids. They can easily withstand high temperature and pressure.

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