How accurate is the Vedic astrology methodology?

The prediction part is still dependent on Intuition, Experience, knowledge and the technique used by the Astrologer, due to which it is subjective, not repetitive and verifiable.

Transit effects of planets are not in tune with the Birth chart prediction.

Remedies are not based on Time, Place, Energy, Conscience and God. Old ways of Tantra, Mantra, Yantra and Puja is followed, which are not effective, a make-believe process, where many gullible are swindled by YouTube flimsy Astrologers. I have proof of a person swindled for 3 lakh rupees, with top names involved. Some use modern behavioral change style of remedy which will NOT correct the bad karma.

Still Vargas and NadiAmsas are not exploited fully by vedic astrologers. Due to which none of the astrologers are able to predict properly that aspect of life from Lagna or Amsa chart.

Vimshottari Dasha is not properly interpreted to time events. This is again a great fallacy. Due to which timing is in a generic way.

Some use a percentile effect of planets in each adjacent house, and percentile Dasha time for different houses, which is a make believe mumbo-jumbo style of analysis. No event timing is given, just some astrological axioms are quoted, and when a particular yoga or event will happen is not told.

Added to which Astrologers use reverse-proof to claim from astrological text, and prove their reading is correct. One such is, a prominent person horoscope is taken, and each event happened, they ascribe to their own type of interpretation and claim that, that it is the best.

Added to these things software generated answers and reports are cut-and-paste type predictions which is inaccurate and stupid.

Vedic Astrology as of now is accurate in telling about yogas (events) in a chart.

I had researched Vargas (Amsas) and NadiAmsa with Vimshottari Dasha, found a technique for predicting accurately.

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