How an Ideal Fireplace Can Add To Our Comfort

Fireplaces are now an absolute necessity in every home, as they provide a cozy and warm atmosphere, in the cold evenings. A good fireplace helps in transforming cold and chilly environment in to a warm and cozy one. Thus, a fireplace is not only useful in providing you warmth and comfort but it also adds a stylish look to your home interiors. There are many reputed fireplace installation service providers in Ontario that offer different types of fireplaces like gas fireplaces, wood fireplaces, electric fireplaces, etc. catering to your basic needs and requirements. (Information credit:

This article basically aims to provide you a comprehensive guide on the different type fireplaces and their basic features. If you are thinking of replacing your old fireplace with a new one then, you should read this article carefully.

Here are some of the most common kind of fireplaces which are available:

Gas Fireplace:

These days, gas fireplaces is are becoming quite popular because of their affordability and visually appealing feature. There are varieties of designs available in the market. You can choose the sleek modern designs or you can go for the traditional masonry look, whatever suits your stylish requirements. A stylish gas fireplace is the perfect centerpiece for your living room, adding value to your home. You don’t need to think about the fuels. Unlike the traditional wood burning fireplaces there is no need to cut and store wood for your gas fireplaces.

The gas fireplaces are available with a few user friendly features and they are very easy to use and maintain. If you want to get warm and cozy atmosphere you just need to turn on the knob. As the name suggests, a gas fireplace uses gas to warm up the atmosphere. However, interestingly these gas fire logs look exactly like the real wooden logs. High functional gas fireplaces are available with energy saving labels. You should pick up the most energy saving model for your home. Unlike the traditional wood burning fireplace gas fireplaces are easier to install, which explain their immense popularity in homes.

Electric fireplaces:

Electric fireplaces are easy to incorporate into your living space as they are highly efficient and can be easily installed as well. These are available in a large number of designs and styles, meeting a variety of aesthetic needs. Electric fireplace gives you the advantage of using modern LED technologies for creating the flames. This type of fireplace has a cord that can be plugged in to the regular wall outlet.  When you turn on the fireplace, the in-built LED light creates the realistic appearance of flames. As the electrical fireplace runs on the electrical power, it does not produce any kind of environment pollutants like smoke, ash or fumes.  The electric fireplaces are user friendly; the initial cost of installation is very low. As far as the safety matters electrical fireplaces is safest of all kinds of fireplaces.

Wood burning fireplaces:

Wooden fireplaces are the conventional fireplaces, giving your home a traditional look. Since its invention, the designs of the wooden fireplaces have undergone a number of changes. It has been the best choice for people who are looking forward to a warm and comfortable atmosphere. There are wide number of beautifully crafted wood burning fireplaces which can be purchased for your home. The flickering flames of wood burning fireplaces provide the best level luxury with comfort and coziness.

Fireplaces are the heart of your living space. Thus, they should be selected carefully, matching your requirements and needs.

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