How Cell Biology is Helpful in Medical Field?

Intro to Cell Biology

Cell biology is a sub-divisional branch of biology that studies the different structures and functions of the cell and focuses mainly on the idea of the cell as the basic unit of life. Cell biology is very important in today’s world as its study helpful in researching many medical arenas. Cell biology explicates the structure, organization of the organelles they contain, their physiological properties, metabolic processes, lifecycle etc. Cell biology research is very helpful in genetics, biochemistry, molecular biology, immunology and developmental biology.

The principal functions of cells are: -

  • Cells help in the transportations of molecules
  • Cells help in chemical reaction in the body
  • Cells help in active movements
  • Cells are very helpful in reproduction

Why is Cell Biology Important to Understand?

Cell is the basic unit of life. It is the only unit which supports reproduction. Today, the world is developing towards the advancement and this advancement results in many diseases. Hence, cell biology is very important in the world of advancement. If you are suffering from the stomach infection, it will have been your cells that were affected by the poisonous or harmful toxins from bacteria cells. Every person who is suffering from any kind of disease is just because of the problem caused at a cell or molecular level. Physical damage such as broken bone etc. also causes damage at the cell level.

Therefore, cell biology study helps in understanding the concept of a cell working. How cells work in health and disease state, it can be easily understood via applications of cell biology. The deep study of cells of human, animal, and plant help the cell biologist to develop new vaccine, effective medicines, and improved varieties of plant and hope of curing incurable diseases. It is not only used in the medicinal arena but also used in human fertility programmes. DNA testing is the most popular instance of it. DNA testing is possible because of the cell biology. Through DNA one can provide evidence that a living person is related to another person who may be alive or dead.

Cell biology is very helpful in forensic laboratories to solve many cases of assault or murders. Cell Biology is also very important in plants science and animal science too. Cell biology plays the very significant role in modifying crops, to clone plants and animals, to produce high-quality food with minimal cost etc. So, cell biology is so important for today’s world.

How Is Online Help in Cell Biology Helpful for Students?

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