How electrons interact with dark energy in the universe?

It’s very difficult to understand our universe appropriately. Scientists are trying to explore more and more truth which lies behind to the universe. Theories made by some brilliant personalities really helping our civilization to raise some steps towards ambience of our earth. There are many factors that are enclosing themselves towards infinite idealization. But the biggest question for us is how universe works? Things which exists in this universe, how they works in the coordination of space and time? Seldom these things arise a big conflict in our mind that how unexpected things became or going to happen in reality. Such things lead to the inquisitive acquisition which tends to start an expedition to find the truth of our existence in this third dimensional universe.

According to me, here’s an accommodation of assets which negate the all over estimation of our mind. Let’s start with prospective idealization through which we can seek some thing.

How electrons work with dark energy?

Dark energy seems to be an empty space which is not empty really. To understands the dark energy as a hypothetical concept. We can implement here some idealistic things.

Dark energy is a block structure which helps to transmit a thing or acts as a passage for a molecule and simulate itself as a pathway for work done.

For an example, whenever electrons are rotating in their energy shells then suddenly they get invisible from their original position in which they were and simultaneously appears at the another position of their symmetrical rotational axis. It’s a mysterious process which they are performing but it might be possibility of a mysterious pathway which they are accidently choosing for their movement.

To overcome this confusion, we can take our empty space as a block structure of small molecules which is making a scaffold for the time, matter and everything present in this universe. It’s so small and sophisticated that we can’t recognize it under the normal condition. It’s very hard to break this but what happen next if any molecule became to the similar size of the dark energy molecule?

Then it can get access to it. It’s not about matter and antimatter interaction. It is indicating the promising activity of electrons with the empty space which have a new way to another dimension.

Do Planck’s quantum theory helps here?

According to the Planck’s quantum theory, energy travels in the form of packets/bundles. Similarly if dark energy is also present in the form of bundles which are very small and coordinated then it may include the path way for one more outer space which is including universe right now.

According to the mentioned thing, it’s clearly shows a point that dark energy helps an organism to do its activities.

As in the electron and dark energy coordination, electrons are also associated with their energy level and this energy sustain electron in its on shell. So, electron can carry the energy or have some equivalent rate of energy as comparable to the dark energy molecules.

How electrons sustain themselves to their adequate position?

Our universe is expanding rapidly. With expanding in the cumulative way, it’s also stretching the extent of space, time and matter as well. Whenever, the electrons revolve around the nucleus in an atom, then they may experience an adequate translocation between the dark energy molecules and there will be equal translocation as well as movement of universe takes place. This process shows the precised interaction of electrons and dark energy. Therefore, electrons may sustain in their position if such kind of event would happen.


Electrons interaction with dark energy is totally prospective idealization. Even we haven't any proof that dark energy exists or not? There are miscellaneous factors which are interlinked within the universe but to explore them appropriately is very hard. Here we are not totally sure that we can achieve our goals towards to know about the truth of our existence and truth of discrete ambient system.

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