How Good Office Climate Control Affects Productivity

Productivity is the top priority of the offices all around the world. It’s important that you are given the comfort to be able to put out the maximum of your abilities. Heating and Air Conditioning Sevenoaks are two of the most major factors when it comes to the comfort levels of employees, especially in an office environment.

Can Office Climate Control Affect Employees?

Imagine that you have to sit down 8 hours a day in one enclosed area with only one thing that you have to focus on. It’s easy to be taken out of your element especially if you don’t feel as if you are getting the heating or cooling that your body needs. When you experience this, you will have the urge to move around, but you can’t. This leads to a distracted employee.

A distracted employee due to subpar office climate control is definitely going to have a subpar output with their work as well. Not only will this affect the performance of the employee, it can also cause a domino effect among other things that the employee themselves may not even be directly responsible for. Imagine an accountant missing a decimal. Everyone might have to adjust to budget cuts that weren’t even warranted.

In the long term, you also have to worry about what goes through a person’s body. If you are always struggling to get the heat that your body needs, then your body might make drastic adjustments just so you can cope with that feeling everyday. This can cause an employee to get sick and might even miss work. Imagine they miss work on the most crucial business day.

What Are the Stats?

Research shows that bad office climate control is what 80% of office workers have on their mind when they’re asked what causes them to be unsatisfied with their work and work environment. This may increase especially in areas where the weather has extreme ups and downs. It’s important for a business to look into an Air Conditioning Service Bromley that they can trust.

During the summer, humidity levels can increase which can cause 20% of employees to experience discomfort. This is due to the drying of the mucous membranes. Itchiness due to the skin reacting to the humidity can decrease the productivity of an employee tremendously. Instead of typing or doing whatever it is that they have to do, they’re going to be scratching themselves all day.

Finding the perfect balance is not something that’s really possible. However, an establishment can do its best to find what the majority of the employees are comfortable with. Everyone has their own version of extreme cold or hotness, but there will always be a middle ground for many of the people that are inside one building.

Of course, you will also have to factor in the weather outside, the uniform of the employees, and the usual articles of clothing that they wear on top of their uniform if any.
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