How I Make Over 1 Million Dollars From YouTube Every Year.

How I make over 1 million Dollars from YouTube every year.

So you have a YouTube channel and wondering how to make some money from it too? There is a way you can make lots!I'm not kidding when I say you can make some serious cash from YouTube, there are, in fact, a considerable number of YouTubers who make a luxurious living from YouTube. While you can upload your video and hope it goes viral, the chances of that are very slim. But with some help you too can reach the one million dollar a year mark like me.

Want to know how I make over one million dollars from YouTube every year? Its very simple. I started my YouTube channel to upload my videos for fun. But it didn't take me long to find out that people liked my videos and I could increase my potential earning from it.

Believe me, there is always a significant number of people looking for entertainment, tutorials and what not on YouTube and you could be one of the service providers. With quality videos and regular uploads it is not so difficult to increase your fan base and get lots of subscribers. It dawned on me that I can use my YouTube channel to generate some serious income as my subscribers and views increased. So I began my journey to understand the ways of increasing my income all over the internet.

My first step to start earning more was to register myself in the YouTube partner program. Cash started trickling in, as weeks went by and I realized that though I was making money, it was not much.

It did not reach my target as i was making only $300 to $500 dollars every month. I knew I could do better and that I had to find the right strategy.

After a long and tedious research I found that brand deals and endorsing products will help me earn a lot of money. But I had to find the right product owner who will allow me to endorse the product.

I struggled a lot to find the product owners, contact them and convince them but the whole exercise was eating a lot of time which could have been used to upload more videos! Then one day I came across . connects YouTubers, Product owners and advertisers and does all the work for you. I enrolled my YouTube channel in and behold! I started to get amazing advertising offers, even brand deal offers that  I could not have managed to land on my own.

After I accepted their offers, they embedded their ads in my videos and it increased my income by several percentage! Now in each of my video there are 3 ads from which range from 5000$ to 10000$. I started earning 25000$ a week with my uploads! I manage to upload up to 48 videos a year and thus my income increased to one million dollar per year with the help of Now you know how I make over one million dollars from YouTube every year! So what are you waiting for? List your YouTube channel in today!

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