How Many Wedded Couples Would Ever Think About a Charter Bus Rental Seattle for Their Special Day?

Weddings and stretch limos are often thought about as being complementary of one another. After all, how many people would leave their ceremony, having just exchanged vows with the love of their life, and expect to board a bus instead of a stretch limo? A Charter Bus Rental Seattle might not be something the bride and groom to be or even contemplating at the moment, but when they begin to think about it from a different perspective, it can be a wonderful idea.

It Can Make for a Great Surprise:

The bride and groom can schedule Charter Bus Services for their wedding day as a surprise to their guests. Sure, they can be whisked away in a gorgeous stretch limousine, but they can also spend more quality time with friends and family, many of whom they might not have seen in a long time, and that can be great for everyone.

A Charter Bus Company can make a Great Tour Event:

After the ceremony, after the bride and groom have greeted everyone, run out of the chapel and onto the sidewalk, and are laughing and enjoying this special day, a fleet of buses can arrive. The wedding guests might be surprised, questioning what’s going on.

The bride and groom can then urge everyone to board the buses and then climb aboard themselves. An experienced company that has been providing transportation services and tours of the area will then take over. The bride and groom can walk up and down the aisles talking to their friends and family. They can even asked the fleet of buses to stop so they can get out of one and board the other so they can spend equal time with the people who have taken time out of their busy schedules to celebrate this momentous occasion with them.

It is often more affordable than people realize.

The bride and groom may be on a limited budget, but that’s no reason to not at least consider this as a wonderful surprise for their guests. Renting a Charter Bus Transportation can often be more affordable than many people realize. If they need help with the cost, they might consider asking for $20 or $40 from their guests, not as a wedding gift, but as a way to create a more memorable occasion.

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