How to Check PAN Card Status Online

Nowadays, PAN card services are getting very highly developed and user handy day by day. If you want to check your PAN card status or number, then it is very easy, all you require is first name, middle name, surname and date of birth, father’s first, middle, and surname to check PAN card status and number.

Permanent Account Number or PAN is a unique alphanumeric arrangement provided to all juristic entities particular under the Indian Income Tax Act 1961. It is provided by the Indian Income Tax Department under the direction of the Central Board for Direct Taxes (CBDT) and is almost similar to a national verification number. It also serves as a significant ID proof.

The PAN is obligatory for a number of financial transactions like opening a bank account, getting taxable salary or specialized fees, sale or purchase of assets above particular limits etc.; more than ever high-value transactions. It is a unique ten digit unique number that is a grouping of alphabets and figures, thus alpha-numeric individuality.

The cause that it is very hard to keep first, middle, surname with correct spelling as well as order. Due to confidentiality of this data the input should be very precise. To get the PAN card we have to go with the data provided in PAN card database. The PAN card database involves all the PAN number that could only be accessed by user. Further, name represented on PAN card and name provided in PAN card database may be not going well as in PAN card application we can give short form for name to be printed on PAN card.

Finding out your PAN card application form status is very easy in a world where the Internet controls the information provided. Apart from getting PAN card details, you can find out the status of your PAN application.

Steps to check PAN card status:

1. Go to the PAN card website.
2. Choose the button of Status check for PAN card application.
3. Select type of application.
4. Have the fifteen digit acknowledgement number – which was provided to you at the time of application – all set.
5. Enter your name. Normal mistake in PAN card application is that surname is written in first name and all the same. Filling up surname column is mandatory; if your name is of single word only then fill up it in surname. Assume if your name is Gaurav and this is your first name even then to find out PAN number fill it in surname or last name.
6. Fill date of birth (DOB) in dd-mm-yyyy layout. Use as separator and do not use backslash, Dot or underscore.
7. After that click submit.

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