How to Choose the Best Flight API for Your Travel Portal?

The travel industry has witnessed some revolutionary changes in the last decade. The Internet started entering every field, travel was no exception. A sudden demand for online presence and remarkable economic slowdown defined new horizons in travel distribution. The rapid escalation of social media and portable Smartphones and tabs has availed a lot of opportunities. The outcome of this revolution is not positive all the time. Many of these major developments raised new challenges for effective operation.

Nowadays flight booking service of travel and tourism sector has become one of the most competitive sectors. Large travel operators are providing all the travel related services under one roof throwing a great threat to the small travel agents. Therefore, it is getting difficult for the travel agents to survive and compete.

Flight API is the most reliable solution to address this kind of problems. API or Application Programming Interface helps one company acquire access to the services of another company legitimately. Flight API integration provides you an access to API. When the integration is done, it will provide both the customers and the businesses with an access to a wide array of services including:

  • International and domestic fight services for search
  • Real-time booking
  • Simple implementation
  • Integration support
  • Reissuance, ticket cancellation, real-time cancellations of LCC

Before approaching a travel portal development company for flight API integration, you should know how to choose the best Flight API for your business. Listed below are major benefits of flight API Integration that you must consider.

Benefits of Flight API

If you want to survive your travel service in this competitive market, you need to differentiate yourself from the crowd of thousands of similar services. Flight API can help you access some important features such as Airfare calendar, special service requests, multi-way search etc. Once you have integrated flight API to your travel portal, you will be able to explore all of its benefits yourself. All the flight details of different airlines have been aggregated and integrated into a single booking system and search engine. As a result, the inventory you are supposed to provide the customers will experience a drastic increase. You will be able to get real-time statuses of different flights and you will be able to update the same. Status updates you will get are:

Time of the Flight

  • Flight Plan
  • Flight details such as arrival, departure, and gate no
  • Delay time
  • Cancellation details

Flight Track

This section consists of updates and positional information required for creating flight tracking including

  • Flight path
  • Current flight status
  • Current state of the flight

With Flight API integration, booking flight tickets have become much easier and hassle-free. User-friendly processing and quick confirmations provided by flight API can help the travel agents offer their clients a smooth booking process. Moreover, they won’t have to enter data on different occasions manually because an API is able to hold several information and details that required all at a place.

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