How To Clean Your Cage

If you have found an ideal size chastity cage for you, it is crucial to keep it clean. An unclean cage starts to build up smell that’s apt to be a problem for even the most exciting of key holders.

While caged, you ought to shower daily and make cleaning your spiked cock cage part of your regular hygiene. Many cages, especially stainless ones, have enough holes, slits, and breathable areas to allow for washing these devices while it is still locked to the dick.

A mobile shower with a high-pressure setting is usually one of the best methods to flush away any remaining sweat, urine or additional fluids from your own cage. In case your shower is of the permanent one, you can use a bottle filled with hot water since it works equally well!

Nevertheless, it’s vital that you wash with even more than simply water. Many specialists say that better long-term results, you need to have a small amount of soap to clean your penis.

If you frequently experience a dry skin, the moisturizing lotion can be used as well, though, much like the soap, you need to clean the cage out completely with hot water.

Make sure to dry out the chastity cage thoroughly after showering. Dampness trapped in the cage for long periods of time is usually the #1 reason behind unpleasant infections, smells, and skin rashes.

To Lubricate or Never to Lubricate
Lubricating could be a useful device to apply on your cock cage, specifically for the very first time. Nevertheless, not absolutely all lubes are made the same.

When using the cage, it is suggested that you utilize baby oil or a water-based lube and more so when doing ball stretching. Nonwater lubes are sticky and hard to clean from the cage. They can actually cause the cage to stick painfully to your skin layer.

Much like soap and moisturizer is sure to use warm water to completely clean the lube or oil thoroughly from your cage.

Lubricant or kid oil should only be utilized on the cage. A lot of men using the chastity use lubricant every day to help make the cage convenient. The necessity to reapply lube is usually a danger sign of an ill-fitting cage. The cage ought to feel comfortable rather than chafe without lubrication or baby oil.

Removing the Cage
If you are key holders, you should ideally allow your guy out of the cage every 3-7 days for any cleaning program. Feel free to watch over if you do not trust him to do this without sneaking a little self-enjoyment.

Once the cage is eliminated, check the male organ and testicles for any indicators of staining, chafing, bruises, or irritated pores and skin. Small injuries can occur undetected during times of long-lasting cage use.

If anything appears to go wrong, see a medical expert, of course.

After release, ensure that you clean both cage and the penis completely. The crate could be washed with antibacterial cleaning soap and warm water or a specialized solution.

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