How to Dress for Weddings according to the Dress Code

When it comes to wedding dresses in Melbourne, there are many bridal shops. A bride will not only spend a lot of time finding her wedding dress but also planning what her guests will wear. Yes, you guessed it- you might be required to dress a certain way to attend a wedding. Thankfully, you might not even need to go to one of the bridal shops Melbourne has to offer to find something to wear. However, these dress codes can be quite specific and help to enhance the mood of the wedding. The terms can be difficult to follow, but this article will help you decode them.

Smart Casual

For this type of wedding, think about laid back wear that is still dressy. You can get away with more for these weddings. They are usually back yard or garden affairs. If you want to wear a dress like a lady, then you still can. Just make sure it's not too formal looking. Men will want some slacks and maybe a button-down shirt. They might even be able to get away with just a T-shirt as well. If in doubt, just ask your friends to clarification.


This category up's the dress code a bit. Men will have to wear a suit for this one. Women used to have to wear a certain length of the dress, but now anything goes. If you're a woman, don't wear flip flops and a sundress. This is more for a smart casual affair.

Jacket and Tie

Here is another type of wedding that veers on the dressy side. This is even a notch up from a cocktail style dress code. Men should make sure that their suit includes a tie, as this is specified. If a man doesn't want to wear a full suit, then dress pants and a blazer, shirt, and tie are sufficient. Women should dress up as well, with dresses and nice shoes. You might feel out of place in sandals, so try to wear closed toes if possible. If the wedding is going to be outdoors, then dressy sandals would apply. You shouldn't wear anything that could pass as street wear.

Lounge Suit

This dress code is for a daytime wedding. It is mainly an English term for their suits. But this suit is different than an American one. It incorporates a waistcoat as well. Men should also wear a tie with their suits. Women should use their best judgement and try to look dressed for an occasion.

Morning Suit

Morning suits are common in English dress. This suit includes a tailcoat, a waistcoat, and striped trousers. Additionally, women need to wear a dress meant for day wear and a hat. It may seem strange, but these weddings only happen before the evening time.


There are also other types of weddings. For example, the formal wedding will mean dressy clothing. There might be black tie or white tie events, which mean exactly what is specified. Women are expected to dress well for these events in nighttime dresses and pantsuits. Ultimately, if you are in doubt as to what to wear, you can always defer to questioning your hosts before their big day.

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