How To Dress in Your 40s

Now that you have entered in your 40s, you no longer have to get adventurous with your clothes and styling. However, this does not mean that you should stop experimenting. We suggest you to choose classic styles that are age-appropriate while you can go ahead with your experimentation on new colours and patterns. This is why we bring to you a few classic garments, which every man should own in his middle age. Take a look!

Formal trousers: All men in their 40s should definitely own a few pairs of formal trousers. Well, we know that you love living in jeans but it is high time you realise that you are no more in your 20s. A crisp ironed formal pair of trouser is the perfect choice for a formal setting. However, if you still wish to experiment, go for chinos and corduroy pants. But do not overdo by opting from bright shades. Black, beige and navy blue are the safest best in terms of trouser shaded and they work well with almost all types of shirts.

QThe Perfect blazer: Another must-have garment in a middle-aged men’s wardrobe is a blazer. This is because a male’s silhouette looks crisp and firmly-constructed in a classic blazer. A blazer is just like a man in his 40s; solid, dependable and comfortable. Having a blazer doesn’t mean that you have to stick to the classic navy blue shade with brass buttons. You can definitely experiment with colours. Try other darker shades of brown, green, black and beige. Besides, you can surely wear formal short sleeve shirts inside during summer months.

Casual shirts: So what you have entered your 40s, you can still don casual shirts with great élan. Casual polo shirts are the perfect shirt types for this age group. These are not only comfortable but make you look younger as well. Short sleeve shirts mens formal wear range is extensively available online and in myriad shades and patterns.

Dress shirts: Dress shirts are a must for formal occasions like meetings or a wedding. Each man in his 40s should own at least three dress shirts but if you have many of them, more the merrier. Wearing them with single barrel cuffs and French cuffs surely enhances your style. When it comes to choosing colours in dress shirts, go for shades of white and blue. Besides, a few type of men's fashion short sleeve shirts these days are now included in dress shirts category as well.

Loungewear: While you were in your 20s, you enjoyed wearing those baggy and heavily-logoed boxer shorts. Now they don’t suit you anymore. Try opting for decent pyjamas with t-shirts or go for thigh-length shorts. They are comfortable and look cool as well.

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