How to entertain guests in a small house:

When the calmness and peace of your house is disturbed by your kith and kin, you are not disturbed, rather you are happy and you would like to have this overwhelming happiness more and more. While what gives you overwhelming happiness, the same gives your small house an overwhelming crowd! As a host, it is your responsibility to make your guest feel comfortable, but that does not mean that you should throw your party somewhere else. Here are some tips to entertain your guest in a small house:

  • Put your broom to work and clean your house! cleaning does not just mean that you have to remove all the dirt in your house, cleaning also means that you should remove everything that is not going to be useful for the occasion. If you have some old or broken furniture dispose it or leave it in the garage. Similarly, just because it is a special day, you need not have all kinds of decors in your house; remove decors that occupy more space. Clean your bathroom and make it spick and span.
  • Handle traffic better! Your house is going to be clogged with people and you need to divert traffic smartly! When you are hosting a lunch or a dinner, distribute your menu in different places and serve. You can have the main course in the dining table, but arrange the entire desert in the utility area. This would help you manage people and the guests also get a chance to move around and meet all the people in the house.
  • Be smart while making the seating arrangement! For example, if there are 20 people in your house, of which are 5 kids and 15 adults, make some space for the kids on your lawn or in the study room. Have some toys and snacks in the kids’ seating place so that they are not bored. Similarly, arrange the seating for the adults in the living room, use extra chairs and play some good music or movie to entrain your guest. If you have a balcony, decorate it a little and make a seating area there also.
  • Decorate your house wisely! It is very important to decorate and beautify your house but that does not mean that you should have all the decors, which occupy space such as statues or decorative stands or holders. Remove such decors and have decors that can be hung, so that you would get more space to utilise.
  • Challenge your furniture with more work! You do not need a lot of furniture to host a lunch or dinner. All you need to do is just shift and reuse your furniture. You can use a study table to keep the deserts, it is not a hard and fast rule that you cannot deviate from the usage of your furniture. Put your furniture to multiple uses and make the best out of it!

Use these simple tips and ideas to light your house and host a remarkable party in your flat in Anna Nagar, Avadi or anywhere in the city!

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