How to Factory Reset an Asus Rt-Ac88u Wireless Router

To reset the Asus RT-AC88U router back to the original factory defaults is not meant that reboot your router, the word reset means that you are restoring your router device to a complete factory reset of all the settings. Once you do the factory reset, it is meant that every single change you have made on your router is removed and substituted with the settings when you purchased it from the factory. If you want to reset your device which is not an easy process, firstly you should consider every single thing as you should make a list of all settings you have changed earlier.

If you are not sure how to do the Factory reset, it is indeed necessary to get support from Asus customer service for resetting it successfully. This blog guide will show the easy steps to reset your Asus wireless router.

Step 1: Reset the Asus RT-AC88U Router

Once you have made the settings list, go forward and locate the little tiny reset button. Turn your router in around you, thus you can see the reset button on the back panel. If the router is on, use a straightened paper clip and push down on the reset button for 10 seconds. It begins the reset process. Keep in mind that once you have reset your router, your personal configurations will also be removed from the router. If it was new, then you need to set the router up again for them.

Step 2: Login to the Asus RT-AC88U

Once you reset the router, now you need to access its login page by navigating its URL in the address bar. On the sign-in page, enter the default admin username and password to make the successful login. If you are not sure how you can do that, try to contact the Asus RT-AC88U Canada support number to get the assistance of technicians.

Step 3: Change Your Password

Once you have reset and logged into your router, it is suggested to set a new password that can be anything you would like, yet, remember that a strong password involves 14-20 characters in length and no personal information. In order to get help for selecting a strong password, you can recommend getting the expert suggestion at Asus router support number.

Step 4: Setup Wi-Fi on the Asus RT-AC88U router

Once you have changed the username and password, now you can start the reconfiguration process. It is suggested that you should start firstly by protecting your local wireless network. If you want to know user-manual guide step-by-step, get in touch with the Asus customer service to get the effective solutions.

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