How to find the Best Immigration Consultants in Pune for Canada?

Canada is currently the best option for immigrants, especially if you are looking for better opportunities in the IT sector. Pune hosts headquarters and offices of many major IT companies. IT professionals are always looking for opportunities to move to developed countries like Canada for better standard of living and learning opportunities.

There have been may agencies over the years termed as the best immigration consultants in Pune for Canada. With a dedicated team of certified consultants, there are always ready to help applicants through the lengthy immigration process. These consultants are vivacious and amiable and will be able to easily guide you through the entire process.

Here is a list of counties for which we provide immigration services:

  • Canada
  • United States
  • Australia
  • Denmark
  • Germany

There are several dedicated teams for each country. Further, each of our clients have round the clock access to our consultants through call and email. These consultants will provide as much personal time to the client as they demand. They will:

  • Analyze the profile of the client
  • Determine best visa category to apply through
  • Fill up all required paperwork
  • File necessary paperwork along with supporting documents
  • Help you in preparing for interview

Interview is an important aspect of the immigration process, overlooked by many consultants. The result being that their clients often get rejected for immigration. We take no such chances and make sure that our clients are a 100% prepared before going for the interview. For the interview process we help clients understand the culture of the country they will immigrate to.

These agents also help clients in preparing for the language proficiency exams. We assess their current skills and refer them to relevant material through which they can ace tests like IELTS and TOEFL. Language proficiency carries considerable amount of points and it will behoove applicants in acing their tests. Further, if you’re planning to move to Quebec, then you’ll also have to take language proficiency test in French.

Like many other countries, Canada has a merit based immigration system. People who can contribute more to the society are welcomed through the system. To choose the best from among all the candidates, the Express Entry immigration system is used by Canada. In this system, we have three streams namely:

  • Federal Skilled Worker Program
  • Canadian Experience Class
  • Federal Skilled Trades Program

Before the express entry system came into effect, applicants needed to apply separately for the tree immigration programs. Now, users are registered for all the three programs when they register for express entry. This facilitates applicants and makes the process simple and straightforward. Once you have applied, you will receive an invitation to apply if your application has been approved. From there, you’ll have to complete the interview process. After this, you can move to Canada.

The Best immigration consultants in Pune for Canada can help you in this lengthy process and guide you through complicated matters. We do not advice people to take the services of consultants unless their case is complicated or they are in a hurry to get their visa approved. As the best immigration consultancy in Pune for Canada, we believe in authenticity and do not engage in any wrongdoing.

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