How to Fix Your Bathtub Drain

For those who have a problem together with your bathtub filling with water when you have a shower, or possibly water drains out if you are having in the shower, you may want to repair your bathtub drain. All these problems could be caused by a defective drain and can simply be repaired by the homeowner. You only need the ultimate drain plug, and some understanding is to repair the bathtub drain.

When you look at the bathtub drain, will there be anything that may move the drain plug? Or possibly you have a drain that you should manually change. This drain is simple to correct, so we will certainly talk about that one first. To eliminate the drain, just lift the stopper and turn it in a clockwise way to release it. Using some flexible pliers could make this a bit simpler to do. Remove the stopper and clear out the gunk which has developed in the drain. Once you do that, you can use warm water over the pipe to clean anything else that's left. Now, place the new drain into the tub.

When you have a levered drain, it will require a bit more work, but remains a simple one repair. To begin with, open up the drain using the button. Then take the stopper and rock it lightly back and forth until it can be taken off the tub. After this, you will need to unscrew the lever plate and take the assembly out of the drain. Once you have removed everything, you will have to do again the cleaning process before you change the drain and lever. Wash the lever assembly clean with an ultimate drain plug to help remove any build-up. You will have to go to an equipment shop get a replacement of anything that is broken. After everything is washed off and the linkage is changed, put the level dish back in. Place the new bathtub stopper into place and carefully rock and roll it back and forth until it attaches to the linkage. Test it thoroughly by moving the lever back and forth to see if it's working.


Looking after simple home plumbing chores like this yourself with the use of the ultimate drain plug can help you save lots of money over time. If that is your first do-it-yourself plumbing project, it might take you a couple of hours to do, however, when you become a more capable do-it-yourselfer, tasks such as this will not take you more time whatsoever. Before you perform any repairs, make sure that there is not anything forestalling the drain causing the problem. You are able to do this after you have pulled the stopper out. If anything at all is blocking the drain and leading to the stopper never to seal off properly, you may use the ultimate drain plug to eliminate the obstruction.

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