A diplomatic passport is a major requirement for a diplomat. You might be wondering what a diplomatic passport is. Well, in simple terms a diplomatic passport is a passport issued to a person who is required to travel internationally on official state business. It is what differentiates a normal tourist from a diplomat. A diplomat has to present both the diplomatic passport and the normal passport at the airport when going for an official trip and both must be signed. However, if he is going for other non-official businesses, a normal passport is just enough. Therefore, as we have seen a diplomat requires a diplomatic passport in order to go about his mission. So, how does one acquire a diplomatic passport?


Upon receiving a diplomatic appointment, the process of acquiring a diplomatic passport should commence immediately.  The processes differ from one state to another however; there is a general process on how to acquire that diplomatic passport.



In the general application form, several documents must be attached. These include:

  • Proof of citizenship {original} – proofs of citizenship differ from one state to the other. Therefore you must enquire about the one used in your state and keep it ready.
  • Passport photos.- your face need to appear on the diplomatic passport. Therefore, a minimum of two passport photos will be required
  • Annex to a passport application received at official travel
  • One identity document { need not be original but with guarantor’s signature and date on both sides of the document to indicate originals have been seen}
  • Copy of one of the following documents:
  • The signed Travel Authority and Advance form
  • The Posting Confirmation Form
  • A signed letter from your department
  • DND[department of national defense]

There are some instances when you may require extra documents. Such includes:

  • In case you have changed your name
  • You are required to work outside your country’s or state’s boundaries
  • You are changing the sex in your passport

Upon completion of the first step of acquiring a diplomatic passport, you will be required to fill out the application form. In most cases, the application form is drafted as per the task specified in your diplomatic appointment letter or as per the states style. Take your time to fill our form then go to step three.

  1. Make your payments

Paying the required fee is the last step of applying for a diplomatic passport before submitting it. This simply means, it is your job to find out the amount of money required to acquire the diplomatic passport in advance to prevent complications when submitting the application form.


Submitting the application form marks the end of this long process. Take your time to identify the right authority to submit the application form to. Enquire about the permitted means of submitting the application form as it may differ from one state to the other.


Diplomacy is a job of honor as it involves negotiations between states or countries and the fate of your home country lies on your competence. Therefore, upon receiving a diplomatic appointment, take your time to identify the permitted process of acquiring a diplomatic passport in your country. Beware of frauds. Do not go making payments to just any organization. Be responsible from the very beginning of your mission as a diplomat.

Remember, honorary consuls do not hold diplomatic passports. In addition to that, they are non-professional diplomats. Diplomatic passports are only meant for career diplomats.

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