How To Incorporate Artwork To Create An Opulent Interior Design

Expanding on what luxury interior designers London may have advised you for the furniture arrangement, wallpaper, and more, artwork can be a major addition to what you already have. Below are 11 things that you should keep in mind when incorporating artwork when planning for an opulent interior design.

1. Figuring it out by height

No matter how fantastic the artwork may look like, if its dimensions don’t fit the room that it’s going to go in, the design will fall into disarray. Make sure you avoid this issue by measuring it first.

2. Color coding

Color isn’t everything when it comes to interior design, but it contributes greatly to the finished product. If you are aiming for a minimalistic approach, then you shouldn’t go with an artwork that blends in with your walls and ceiling.

3. Educate yourself with artwork

Familiarizing yourself with different artworks goes a long way. Art fairs provide you with a great avenue with taking a look at different works of art from all over the world. You will also be able to gauge to the prices of artworks as well.

4. Mixing art and interior design eras

When you mix the supposed era when an artwork may fit in with the interior design of a room, you may think that the two don’t blend together well. However, you should give it a try first before forming a conclusion.

5. Location of the artwork

Placement of the artwork contributes a lot to how the room will look like with it included. Is it the first thing that you see upon entering? Will it take up a lot of your peripheral vision when you’re sitting down?

6. Artwork on furniture

You may think that artworks are restricted to paintings and sculptures, but you actually have access to a very broad selection especially with artwork on furniture.

7. Mirrors and artwork

If you have a small room, using mirrors can provide you with added depth. You will also be able to showcase your artwork from multiple angles of the room. Certain artworks also stand out with mirrors according to luxury interior designers London.

8. Patterns don’t blot out artwork

Contrary to what you may believe, using specific patterns on your wallpaper or curtains won’t actually take away from your artwork. When used sparingly, patterns can make the artwork stand out from the rest of the room.

9. Avoid repetition

When designing multiple rooms, it is important to not use the same artwork or type of artwork over and over even if the different rooms have similar themes. Doing so can take away from each room individually.

10. Don’t hold back

If you really want an opulent interior design, you shouldn’t hold back on the artwork. That includes the aesthetic and price. Holding back might lead you to regrets due to a bland finished room.

11. Intricacy doesn’t always mean luxury

On the other end of the stick, simplicity can sometimes feel a lot more luxurious if done correctly.
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