How to Make Corporate Catering Affordable

To build a long-lasting relationship with your consumers, you need to get more personal than connecting with them through an Email or social media connection. Business events are an excellent opportunity to build a relationship as well as brand recognition and loyalty. Facebook updates and tweets cannot replace the meaningful connections made through in-person communication. Hosting a business event allows you to connect with current clients and attract futures ones. However, corporate catering doesn’t have to break the bank.

Tips to save on your next corporate catering Sydney

You need to work with professional caterers to handle the food so that it helps save your time, hassle, and money. The caterer will deliver the food on time, set up, provide all the necessary items for serving, provide exceptional customer service and clean up when you are done. This ensures that you are a highly responsible, professional company that cares enough to service your guests’ flavourful, well-prepared food. If you follow these tips and tricks, you can keep your office catering Sydney costs down.

Pick a cost-effective menu

The catering cost greatly depends on the cost of ingredients and the time and effort it takes to prepare. There are several dishes and a variety of cuisines that tastes not only good but also less expensive to prepare which help reduce the cost. Italian based theme is the least expensive options, and your guests will enjoy these dishes more than any other cuisine. You can stick with some simple dishes or ask the caterer to suggest a cost-effective menu.

Go for Buffet Service

Opting for a buffet service for your business event will help to minimise the cost. When you choose a buffet style, your guest can serve themselves when they are ready and in fact, it helps to avoid food waste. This minimise the service staffs to handle your event and in turn, reduce the cost of service.

Ask the caterers for budget-friendly tips

Communicate with your caterers clearly about your budget so that they can give you suggestions for high-impact, cost-effective menus and strategies that help cut down the cost. Caterers know how to make you look good with your corporate catering in Sydney. A professional office catering service is specialised in making your event as stress-free as possible and handling every aspect of your event.

Consider the quality

Order what you need based on the dining needs of your attendees. Caterers are expert in determining the appropriate quantity of food, so get help from them while deciding the quantity of the food you need for the event.

The author is an experienced caterer who is specialised in corporate lunch catering in Sydney. He has the knowledge and experience to make the event a success, regardless of the budget. Visit for more details.

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