How to move to Australia using Skilled Nominated Visa 190?

Skilled Nominated Visa Subclass 190 or Subclass 190 State Sponsored Visa for Australia immigration is one of the visa subclasses awaited not only by the overseas skilled individuals but also by the employers in Australia looking for right caliber of employees. These visa is designed for those skilled candidates staying overseas who wish and are eligible to settle in one of the beautiful and prospering country of the world - Australia. The condition under this visa subclass is that visa holder has to live, settle and work for two complete years in the nominated state. Subclass 190 comes under Permanent Residency visas for which the prospective candidate has to be nominated either through the territory or the State to be eligible. Candidate can apply for the visa while being in Australia or outside it. There is certain eligibility requirement that applicant must meet completely in order to gain the Visa Subclass 190.

Every State in Australia has its own list of urgent occupations, wherein the interested candidate can apply for their chosen occupation in the State if they meet the skills and experience required. Various states and territory with their own occupation list is displayed below:

  1. Victoria Occupation List
  2. Western Australia Occupation List
  3. South Australia Occupation List
  4. Northern Territory Occupation List
  5. Tasmania Occupation List
  6. New South Wales Occupation List
  7. Queensland Occupation List
  8. ACT Occupation List


Eligibility Requirements under Skilled Nominated Visa Subclass 190

Interested prospective candidates of Subclass 190 State Sponsored Visa (Skilled Nominated Visa 190) must be meeting all the key requirements listed below completely:

  1. At time of receiving ITA the applicant should be below the age of 50.
  2. Medical and character certificate depicting health and moral fiber of the applicant should be present.
  3. Should have nominated at least one occupation from the list of Short-term Skilled Occupation List.
  4. Applicant is required to submit EOI (Expression of Interest) in the occupation through Skill select online program.
  5. Must be recipient of nomination from either Territory Government or Australian State.
  6. A positive and high scoring skill assessment for the applied occupation from an approved body or system authorized.
  7. A good score depicting English language proficiency from approved language exams like IELTS.
  8. The applicant should garner at least 65 points under point calculator to be eligible to apply for Visa Subclass 190. The point calculator system takes into account age, education qualifications, work experience in chosen field / occupation, English proficiency etc to calculate the points of the applicant.


To Gain Nomination from Australian States or Territory Government

In order to gain the nomination from state or territory there are certain criteria’s that have to be met by the interested applicants as displayed below:

  1. The candidate has to reside and work in the nominated territory or state for the period of at least two years
  2. Any location change or address change have to be immediately informed to the appointed authorities of the nominated state and territory.
  3. If and when required, candidate should comply with the survey and information exchange required by the appointed higher authorities.


Steps to Apply for Subclass 190 State Sponsored Visa

Prospective applicants who wish to apply for this skilled nominated visa in order to successfully migrate to Australia will have to undergo a stringent process and meet all the visa eligibility requirements as listed below:

  1. In tandem with proper and authorized government body, applicant has to qualify through skill assessment test in the respective field of occupation nominated by them. DIBP (Department of Immigration and Border Patrol) will further check the result to ensure applicable and skilled candidates get chosen for the nominated state / territory government.
  2. Once the assessment results are provided back with positive feedback, the applicant can file for EOI (Expression of Interest) through Skill select Online Program. Herein, the applicant also need to file for state or territory government they wish to nominate.
  3. Once selected, the applicant will garner ITA (Invitation to Apply) after which the candidate will have around 60 days to apply for the Skilled Nominated Visa Subclass 190. It is imperative for the applicant to provide authentic details and asked documents required by the visa subclass as soon as possible to avoid any kind of delay in acquiring the visa.


Processing Time of Visa Subclass 190

The time taken to process Skilled Nominated Visa Subclass 190 for Australian Immigration rests on numerous factors like when the application is filed, required documents are provided or not etc. However, in general 75% of the application is processed within 6 months while 90% application may get stretched to 7 months. In order to gain the visa on time, applicants are advised to provide documents in set time period.


Cost to Procure Subclass 190 State Sponsored Visa

As and when the application is filed basically decides the cost of the visa. The date of filing and submitting the application to designated authorities narrows the complete cost of Visa Subclass 190.In accordance with the recent reform, complete cost of the visa is as follows:


Stream Skilled Nominated Visa Subclass 190
Main Applicant $3755
Additional Applicant (More than 18 years) $1835
Additional Applicant (Less than 18 years) $920


Extra cost may be incurred due to police clearance and medical exam along with other imperative documents.


Advantages of Skilled Nominated Visa Subclass 190

  • The visa holder can now work and settle in country for indefinite time period.
  • The visa holders themselves become eligible to sponsor family members for Australian PR.
  • A guaranteed and much appreciated access towards pristine quality of healthcare offered by Australia.
  • Visa holder also have the option of garnering education of school, college or university during their stay in the country.
  • Moreover, they have the opportunity of gaining Australian Citizenship once all the eligibility requirements along with specific number of years stay in Australia is met.
  • The visa holder can move in and out of the country as many times as they wish for the period mentioned in the visa.


The best Immigration Consultant in Pune for Australia will help you to select the visa that is right for you and guide you through the whole process. You can greatly benefit from this guidance and concentrate on moving to Australia.

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