How to Pack Your Storage Locker

Sometimes it is quite challenging to organize things especially if they are many. It is also more challenging if it is a storage locker. A storage locker is big and not like your typical wardrobe or cabinet. Packing luggage there can become disorderly especially if you have many items. A few disorderly items can still be easy to sort through, but that is not always the case. People mostly hire storage Richmond KY lockers when they have several things to store. If you are tired of the disorderliness and the difficulties in finding things in your locker, you need to put the following into consideration:

Eliminate Damage

When you are packing things into your storage locker keep in mind that how you place items will determine if they are prone to damage. Do not place items on spaces where their chances of falling and breaking are high. Even though you want to utilize fully the space in your storage locker, do not squeeze in things too tightly together to the point of damaging some. Strive to find a storage locker that has environmental control to contain moisture. This will prevent your belongings from growing mold on them or being prone to mild dew.

Easy Access to Everything

When you are arranging items in your locker, it is wise to remember that at some point you will need to retrieve any of the items. Being able to locate an item should be your consideration when you are packing. This will make it easier to access it in later times. If you store an item under an item, you will likely forget that location. Making everything accessible during parking saves you a lot of time when you go back to retrieve items. You will not spend hours moving things around and opening boxes one after another, just searching for one particular item.

Packing Your Storage Locker

While there is no standard procedure to how you can effectively pack your storage lockers Richmond KY, there are some things you should definitely keep in mind. These are:

Preparation and Organization

Depending on the number of items you are planning to store, ensure that the storage locker you get is the right size for your items. Find a bigger storage locker if you have many items to store. Measure your big items like sofas in order to choose a storage locker that it can fit into perfectly.

Organize smaller items into boxes. It is advisable to keep the same categories of items in one box for easy access during retrieval. These can be books, CDs, glassware, Christmas decorations and many other things. If your storage locker lacks environmental control to prevent moisture damage, you can take your own precautions. For example, you can line the box that contains books with plastic you can keep hay inside boxes to keep insects away. Wrap fragile items in towels to prevent damage. You can stack boxes on top of each other but do not make a stack too tall because things may fall and break.

A stepladder, screwdriver and packing tape are things you will need. Remember to cover large items with sheets to keep dust off.

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