How to Perform Saraswati Puja at Home

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How to Perform Saraswati Puja at Home

As we all recognize that, Vasant Panchami is that the commencement of the spring season. On today, goddess Saraswati is worshiped all over within the country. The goddess is additionally called the spiritual being of learning, wisdom, data and music. principally within the jap a part of India, we will notice that each family performs the puja at their home. This puja additionally same to be necessary for the students. This puja needed tons of samagri and no doubt today individuals will simply get on-line Saraswati puja items from completely different on-line stores with none problem.

To take you through the method of Saraswati puja on Vasant Panchami, we've listed down the steps to perform Saraswati puja reception. Take a glance. The person playing the puja should take bathtub early within the morning with a special reasonably healthful water. the bathtub water should contain neem and tulsi leaves

If you wish to perform Saraswati Puja at home then here could be a list of Vasant Panchami Puja Samagri that you ought to prepare

  • A White fabric,
  • Flowers Required- Lotus Lilies, Marigold, Jasmine,
  • Mango Leaves and Bel Patra,
  • Haldi,
  • Rice,
  • Five forms of Fruits that ought to additionally embody Banana and Coconuts,
  • One Kalash,
  • Betel bats and Leaves,
  • Milk,
  • Wooden Pen and Ink Pot for every Pen.

Morning Rituals on the day of Puja

It is necessary that the one who is playacting the puja should take a shower early within the morning with neem and tulsi leaves. It additionally necessary that before taking the bathtub the person ought to apply neem and turmeric paste on the body. This procedure purifies the body yet as protects the person from any foreign infections. once finishing the procedure, the person either ought to wear a white or a yellow colored fabric.

Placing the Idol and therefore the Kalash

It is necessary that you simply place the spiritual being on a platform in your house that should be properly clean. it's additionally within the rituals that you simply embellish the encompassing of the platform with kumkum, turmeric, rice, garlands, and flowers. within the front of the spiritual being keep the Kalash crammed with water beside the mango leaves, and additionally place a Piper betel leaf on the highest of it.

Reciting Mantras

Take flowers and bel Patras in your hand and recite the mantra. Place it then at the feet of the divinity. The priest usually performs the puja and therefore the one who participates within the puja recites the mantra beside the priest. whereas giving flowers to the spiritual being the person prays to god to induce the blessings from the spiritual being.

Light the Lamp

After the puja gets completed it's necessary that you simply light the lamp yet as incense sticks before of the supernatural being. additionally provide sweets, fruits to the divinity. In many homes, even Aarti is performed at the top. Havan is additionally thought of together of the necessary ritual related to this Puja.

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