How to replace Toshiba laptop screen


On the lower part of the display bezel you’ll find two covers hiding screws.You can remove screw covers with a sharp object. After that glue cover to the bezel so they don’t get lost.Remove two screws found under those covers.

STEP  2:

Start separating the bezel from the display back cover on the top of the display assembly.Use a piece of soft plastic.Insert it between the bezel and cover and separate them from each other.


Continue removing the bezel with your fingers.First on the top and then on the bottom part of the display.


Separate the bezel from the display assembly and remove it.


Carefully unplug the cable from the left side of the web camera module.


Remove three screws from the right hinge bracket.


Remove three more screws from the left hinge bracket.


Now you should be able to separate the cracked LCD from the display cover and place it front side down on the top cover.Be careful, the video cable still connected to the back of the screen.


Now you can access the video cable connector.By the way, the web camera cable is part of the video harness.Carefully unglue the web camera cable.

STEP 10:

Remove clear tape securing the video cable connector. Unglue the video cable and disconnect it.

STEP 11:

Remove the broken LCD and replace it with a new one.You can search for a new screen by the model number.

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