How to Style Men's Sandals

Whether you're vacationing at a tropical getaway, attending a pool party, or simply taking a walk, summer really calls for a pair (or more) of sandals. Gone are the days when men's sandals were frowned upon for being tacky, old-fashioned, and inappropriate for most occasions. Now, strutting around in a pair of stylish sandals can actually get you a few appreciative glances. From leather to flip-flops to casual sandals, there's something for everybody.

Whether you prefer men's espadrilles India or the good old leather sandals, here's a complete guide on how to rock men's sandals in style...

Sandal pairings:

There are two basic ways of pairing sandals: With shorts and with trousers.

Sandals and shorts are a match made in heaven, and can take comfortably through the summer months. But shorts also come with their categories. For instance, a pair of lightweight denim shorts with flip-flops is an outfit for casual occasions when you don't have to walk long distances. For more formal gatherings like a garden party, go for smart chino shorts and elevated leather sandals.

Sandals are ideal to be paired with jeans or trousers on days when it isn't really hot but when you still want to sport a summery look. Wearing sandals with pants isn't looked down upon anymore so you can freely wear them just about anywhere and look stylish.

How to style sandals:

There are several ways to style your sandals. From espadrille shoes in India to other varieties of the men's sandals, here are a few ideas to get your look right.

Sandals with tailored outfits

Summer calls for lightweight, breezy, neutral clothing. So it's time to put away your formal, three piece work wear suits and go for some summer tailoring. The ideal way to put the look together would be to pick a light, summer blazer in a neutral hue, and replace your work trousers with cotton chinos. Kick out those shoes and socks, and opt for a pair of two-strap leather sandals.

The Monochromatic Look

Going monochrome is the best way when trying to play safe. Whether you're staying away from loud colours or fond of the edgy look, then stock your wardrobe with a few pairs of sandals in black. It's versatile, stylish, and goes with almost every other colour, so you will have no problem coordinating your sandals with your clothes to create a monochromatic look.

The Runway Look

To sport a look hot off the runway, choose a pair of gladiator boot sandals that have been making waves at international fashion shows. When the rest are wearing flip-flops, stand out from the crowd with gladiator boot sandals, paired with a long line tee and shorts.

Keep different kinds of sandals for different purposes. Flip-flops or men's espadrilles are for the strictly casual occasions when you're lounging about without doing anything much. Gladiator boot sandals are for the occasions when you want to make a statement, and leather sandals for those occasions when your feet need support.

Style your sandals accordingly keeping the rest of the outfit and occasion in mind to create an attention-grabbing look.

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