How To Transform Your Closed Kitchen To An Open Kitchen

Some homeowners prefer that their kitchen is kept private by a wall separating the area from the other parts of the home. The closed kitchen style was once the popular choice, but currently, there is an ongoing debate whether an open kitchen is the better choice. Before you contact your trusted experts on home extensions in Enfield, it is best to be realistic about the transformation.

There is more to just knocking down walls and rearranging the furniture to have the open airflow an open kitchen is known for. These are some important factors to consider before and during the planning phase:

1. Determine Your Budget

A remodeling project is never cheap, even when it only involves opening up the closed kitchen. Keep in mind that anything is possible when you can afford it, but try to be reasonable and set a budget that you can afford and stick to it!

2. Heed Caution When Knocking Down Walls

The first things homeowners consider when planning to open up their currently closed and stuffy kitchen is to knock down the wall that separates the kitchen from the adjacent room. It might sound easy, but there isn’t a quick way to tell if the walls are load bearing or play an important part in the home’s structure. Do not hastily knock down the walls without having a contractor or builder give their expert option.

3. Experiment With Different Layouts

The great thing about an open kitchen is the freedom it gives homeowners to arrange their furniture how they want. Those will a small space can try to go for an L-shaped kitchen and having the dining area in the middle. This layout will give you more than enough room to work in the kitchen area while also having a nice area dedicated to eating.

Keep in mind that the reason why an open kitchen feels bigger is due to the flow of the entire room. Placing the dining table and other furniture in the wrong area can disrupt the flow and make the open kitchen feel cramped and smaller than ever.

4. Stick To The Walls

To ensure that the feel of the open kitchen is smooth and free, plan to keep the cabinets and countertops all on one wall. Having them all in one line create an area that has more space. If you are up for it, place the cabinets above the countertops so that everything is within reach when you are working in the kitchen.

5. Try To Work With A Trusted Builder Or Remodelling Expert

A home extensions Enfield projects are serious tasks that are best accomplished with a professional’s help and guidance. Even if the job of transforming a closed kitchen into an open kitchen sounds easy and achievable through DIY remodeling, the results are more successful when an expert gets to weigh in.

If you can only consult with the professionals during the design phase and the layout of the new kitchen, don’t skip it. Their input and advice will be very helpful and ensure the outcome are as you pictured it.
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