How Zedpack saved my day: a client shares his experience

In the preparation for my brother’s upcoming wedding, I was looking for spacious bags that could carry all my stuff easily. I researched on the Internet and found Zedpack, a customized bag production company. I bought the products that best suited my style and sufficed my needs. Being a frequent shopper, I knew what features I wanted exactly in those shopping bags.

Upon receiving them, I was more than happy, they had snazzy quotes written on them, and I could not let my eyes off the creativity. The beautiful product was so spacious that I knew, it would easily put an end to all my shopping woes. Besides being a non-woven bag, it made me look a consumer responsible towards the environment.

I think the changing needs and the expectation of the users, could help every retailer obtain a differentiated approach that blends the best in-store experience.For instance, whenever  I shop withBig Bazaar,a “Scan & Go” app allows me to scan my items as I shop.

Even the bags that I got from Zedpack, had a wow factor, and I am sure I’ll remember my first experience with them forever. I often shop for designer bags now with Zedpack, their speedy shopping makes me love the brand and it is a no surprise that I am utterly satisfied each time.

Also, a lot of people ask me frequently about the trendy bags I carry, sometimes random people compliment me too. I feel really nice every time I am out with my bag, it feels as if I have got a partner that matches me like for like.

I personally believe that a bag can make a difference. Just like the Great Depression led us to an era of penny-pinching, today’s customer focus is on the value of the product than its price.If a retailer can create a value, I consider they can easily retain the customer, else not. Additionally, now if all the retailers provide the same solution, shopping would be such a fun experience for all of us every time.

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