I wore a simple sherwani and Nagra shoes for our engagement, and it was perfect

Wedding. This word not only makes women nervous about the future, but it also makes men a bit nervous too. Though I was marrying the girl of my dreams last year, I was not so sure about how I would get through innumerable rituals that we Indians have established for various functions. One of the things that annoyed me was that I was asked to wear traditional Indian attire by both, my girlfriend and my mother.

Bowing to their wishes, I bought a few pairs of mojari online from Zobello.com, which happens to be my favorite online shopping destination. I bought four different Punjabi juttis for men because I knew that four functions were being organized, Kirtan, Mehndi, Shagan (engagement) and Shaadi (marriage).

The thought of wearing Nagra shoes during the kirtan or Mehndi ceremonies didn’t bother me as the guest list was quite short. Also, during Kirtan and Mehndi, I was supposed to sit in one place most of the times. What worried me was whether I would feel comfortable in Nagra shoes on my engagement day or not. I had never worn ethnic Indian shoes before and the guest list for the engagement day was quite long. I was also supposed to be in the limelight the whole time, and my friends wanted me to show some dance moves as well.

When I shared my concerns with my mother, she just laughed it off, but when I shared them with my would-be wife, she gave me some pointers, one of which was to try wearing Nagra shoes when I was at home to break them in. She also told me that like all new shoes, they might feel uncomfortable for a while, but when I get used to it, I will do fine. She even confided in me that she wasn’t a big fan of heels and so she was wearing them at home in order to feel more confident on stage.

Finally, the most awaited and most feared day of my life arrived, and I groomed myself to look my best. Though when I slipped into Punjabi juttis for men, they felt a bit odd, but they were not uncomfortable, thanks to those practice sessions.

As a groom, I was supposed to do some rituals before the girl arrived but I didn’t feel uncomfortable as we were to do these rituals without putting our shoes on. After the rituals, my fiancé was called on stage. One look at her and I forgot about my slightly uncomfortable shoes and even the fact that I was wearing them because she looked so perfect. We exchanged rings and smiled for zillion photographs. The first thing she asked when she got on stage was whether I was comfortable or not and I tumbled into love all over again.

All in all, it was one of the perfect days of my life, and I felt great by wearing nagra shoes. I have kept them and wear them with confidence every time I am asked to attend an Indian function now.

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