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Five reasons behind the Importance of IoT

Internet of Things (IoT) is an emerging technology that is reshaping different sectors and their functioning. According to its definition, IoT refers to a technology where different devices are connected to the internet and they interact with each other without human intervention. From smartphone, smart TVs to smart refrigerators, IoT has found its application in an array of devices and made them more convenient. Here are some of the reasons that accentuate the importance of IoT:

1. Better decisions with more data

The IOT enabled devices/products are integrated with smart sensors that have the ability to capture a large amount of data related to different aspects of a product. In this way, the manufacturers of the product have better information about a product. So, they can make better decisions and improve the functionality of the product.

2. Tracking and monitoring

The users can easily track the performance IOT enabled devices and even monitor its condition. In this way, the users don’t need to constantly check the quality of the product themselves. Instead, they can use the data to know when a product needs maintenance/servicing and when it needs to be replaced.

3. Increases efficiency

Since the IoT system leads to interaction between the machines without the use of a machine to human interaction, so it is efficient both for the users and the company. Furthermore, it is expected that the machine to machine interaction will be on a rise in the coming years.

4. Enhanced quality of life

IOT enabled devices are integrated with a high level of automation. These devices empower the users to get information, track different things and do a lot of tasks by simply using smart devices. This has enhanced the quality of life.
5. Reducing the workload
There are myriads of products powered by IoT that have the ability to perform different tasks with little or no intervention. So, these devices save time as well as cost and they even reduce human efforts to a great extent.
Clearly, these reasons show that Importance of IoT is a mighty technology that is being adopted all across the globe. So, every product/software engineer must have the know-how of this technology. At Avantika University, we accustom our students to emerging technologies like IoT and bestow them with a competitive edge. Avantika’s engineering college is one of the best engineering colleges in India offering top-notch quality education. So, what are you waiting for? Apply for admissions in one of the top engineering colleges in India.

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