Important Changes Made By Canada Immigration Authority to Canada Immigration System

From June 6, 2017, Canada immigration authority has altered the points’ determination system under Express Entry Canada.
From this date, points will be awarded under the comprehensive ranking system (CRS) in two new areas i.e., French Language ability and having a sibling in Canada.

The latest changes made under Express Entry Canada system are to add points for a Canadian education and to reduce points for a skilled job offer.

The summary of the new changes is as follows:
1. More points will be awarded for the French language
Candidates will now get additional 15 points for getting 7 bands in writing, speaking, reading, and listening in Niveau de Competence Linguistique Canadiens (NCLC) combined with an English band of 4 or below in Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB). Up to 136 points can be awarded to the candidate for the first official language i.e., French and 24 points for the second language i.e., English.

2. New points will be awarded for having a sibling staying in Canada
The statistics of Canada immigration show that having a sibling in Canada accelerates the Canadian immigration. So, it can be said that candidates with a sibling staying in Canada will be awarded additional 15 points under Express Entry, provided the sibling must be above the age of 18. The Sibling must have a status of Canadian citizenship or a permanent resident. The Canadian resident must have a relationship like a blood, common-law, or marriage with the candidate.

3. No more need to register for the Canada Job Bank
Candidates don’t need to make a registration for the Canada Job Bank. It means the candidate will automatically qualify to receive an ITA once they make a registration in the Express Entry Pool of Canada.

Express Entry, an immigration system operated by Canadian immigration authorities (CIC), manages the applications of skilled workers under Federal Economic Programs. Skilled Trades Program, The Canada Experience Class and some sections of the Provincial Nominee Program come under Federal Economic Program.

For Canadian Employers:
Canadian employers require getting an LMIA or nomination under provincial nomination program (PNP) to ensure prolong employees’ retention.

For Candidates:
With these changes, candidates have better chances of receiving an ITA under Express Entry Canada immigration system in 2018 as now getting a good CRS score is easy for the purpose. Through these changes, applicants can now comfortably receive permanent entry to Canada with a job offer in hand or nomination under a provincial immigration program. But, it is always good to secure an approved employment letter from a Canadian employer.

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