Incredible Diabetic Retinopathy Treatment in India

Diabetic Retinopathy refers to a medical condition found in people with diabetes. In this condition, there is retina of the person gets gradually damaged. It is a serious condition where the person can even lose his/her sight.

In fact, diabetes is a serious disease which disturbs the capacity of the body to use sugar. As a result, the blood sugar in the body rises which can cause permanent damage to different parts of the body. Diabetes results in damaging the blood vessels present in the eyes. As a result, there is leakage of blood and other substances from the blood vessels of the eyes. It results in swelling of the eyes and can lead to blurred vision. Both of the eyes can be affected by this disease. The chances of developing diabetic retinopathy rise if the person has diabetes for a long time. If due attention is not paid to, it can even result in blindness.

Its symptoms include blurred vision, inability to see at night, seeing of spots or floaters, etc. The fluid gets accumulated inside the area which helps the eyes to focus, due to high blood sugar level. It results in changing the curvature of lean resulting in blurred vision. Controlling the blood glucose level can help in improving the condition. Those patients who are able to control their blood sugar levels are less likely to develop the disease. Diabetic Retinopathy Treatment in India is highly sophisticated.

Generally, the symptoms are not clearly visible in the beginning. For this reason, it is vital for the diabetic patient to get a comprehensive dilated eye examination every year. Detecting the disease at an early stage can help in preventing the loss of vision. The persons at the risk of developing the disease are those with diabetes for many years, those with high blood pressure, those with high cholesterol level and the pregnant ladies. One should immediately get Diabetic Retinopathy Treatment for curing the condition and for avoiding further complications.

The risk of diabetic retinopathy can be lowered through the following measures:

  • Keeping the blood sugar level under control
  • Keeping the cholesterol under control
  • Maintaining blood pressure
  • Regularly taking the prescribed medication for diabetes
  • Regularly getting the blood sugar level checked
  • Maintaining an ideal weight by adopting an active lifestyle and eating healthy food.

The disease can be treated through several surgical treatments and using laser techniques or by injecting the eyes. The procedure should be carried in the renowned eye hospital for preventing, treating and reversing this condition. It has been shown through studies that injecting along with laser treatment can have a better result than the laser treatment alone. The treatment offered at prestigious hospitals is done carefully under safe and hygienic conditions. Such treatment helps in improving and maintaining the health of the retinal blood vessels. The treatment helps in controlling vitreous haemorrhage. It helps in controlling leakage of blood and fluid from the damaged blood vessels which can complicate the situation. Hence, one should get timely treatment from the proficient and experienced people of the field.

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