Innovation that made plumbing easy: No Hub Couplings

In the world of clamps and other plumbing and motor fittings, Jolly clamps have made a distinctive presence in the market. They are one of the most well known mini clips manufacturers, hose clip manufacturers and T bolt clamps manufacturers. Also Jolly clamps are quite popular and sought after as no hub coupling manufacturers.

Long before no hub couplings were invented, the traditional way of joining two metal pipes was a very dangerous, time consuming and expensive process. Any chances of failure, meant the whole set up to be re done. Because the only way to join two metal pipes was to melt lead and pour the hot lead in between the joints of the two pipes to seal them and join them permanently. Melting lead was also not as well an easy process. Lead, Oakam, burners, melting pots, special clamps, cast iron ladles, joint runners and caulking irons were required. Moreover, to perform this task it required years of practice and skill acquisition and then you qualify to take this responsibility. Yet, this was a hazardous process and any minor fault could lead to serious and permanent injuries.

No hub couplings came as a boon to save the plumbers from such a complicated situation which could save a lot of time, money and most importantly, lives. The design of no hub coupling is simple yet effective. It consists of a synthetic rubber compound that is surrounded by a protective stainless steel band with stainless worm clamps to keep the gasket fastened and secure it in it’s own place preventing it from slipping. So once the two ends of the pipe are brought in contact, the gasket is placed on the joint and the steel band is placed on them to tighten the gasket. Thus sealing the to pipes. This process is also convenient because we can repair/replace in case there is an issue.

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