Interesting Fire Sprinkler Myths and Facts Every Property Owner Should Know

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For over a century now, Fire Sprinklers Devon have been a dependable means of getting protection in cases of a fire emergency. In fact, they have a 99 percent success rate in terms of controlling fires across the globe.

Statistics also show that using Fire Sprinklers Exeter help reduce property damage by approximately 90 percent and decrease injuries by around 80 percent. These tools are indeed a big help especially in a place like the United Kingdom where fire incidents take the lives of two people and injure around 50 people on a daily basis.

Fire sprinklers are typically classified into two: wet pipe and dry pipe. The former is the commonly used type, where sprinkler heads are affixed to a piping system. Once activated, the water held by the pipes will then be discharged. The latter, on the other hand, features a plumbing that contains pressurized air. This air is released first before the water comes out. This kind is useful to establishments whose low temperature can cause the water to freeze.

Fire Sprinklers: Myths Vs. Facts

One cannot discount the benefits provided by fire sprinklers Devon. Nonetheless, there are people who still doubt the system’s capabilities because of some myths. Here are some of them and the truth behind them:

Myth No. 1: Sprinkles can activate on their own

Fact: Fire sprinklers Exeter are only activated when they detect significant temperature and fire sound. Because they were engineered to work that way, there is a very low probability for such a fire distinguishing system to go off accidentally. There’s also a low probability of it causing water leakage. If they are activated, it simply means that that the area where the sprinkler heads are located are already being eaten out by a fire.

Myth No. 2: All sprinklers pour out simultaneously

Fact: A fire sprinkler system is designed to work individually. Only the sprinkler head located in the affected area will be activated, pouring out 8 to 24 gallons of water per minute to help control the fire. In case of an unfortunate event wherein different parts of a building is being engulfed by fire, that’s the time when a plenty (possibly all) of sprinkler heads will be activated.

Myth No. 3: Water damage caused by sprinklers is greater than the actual fire damage

Fact: As mentioned above, sprinklers only use at most 24 gallons of water per minute. This is much lower compared to the 80 to 125 gallons of water discharged by fire hoses per minute. The water damage is also less extensive compared when the fire is not controlled and was able to spread to other areas of your house, workplace or building.

Myth No. 4: Sprinklers are too costly

Fact: When installing fire sprinklers Devon, think of it as a long-term investment. Though upfront costs may be pricey, they can be considered as a cost-effective way of ensuring protection in times of fire-related emergencies. Think about the expenses you will be able to avoid once you successfully control a fire using fire sprinklers Exeter.

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