Internet of Things and Project Jacquard

Ever wondered if the technology were to get so advanced that you could turn on your Air Conditioner with your phone when you are still parking your car in your garage? Or did you ever wish if you could handle your playlist on your phone or attend calls while driving or riding a bike without touching your phone, by a simple hand gesture?

If answer to these questions is yes, then you are living in quite the appropriate times. All these apparently crazy ideas can be implemented in today’s day and age by using the concept of Internet of Things.

Internet of Things lets various objects to be sensed and controlled remotely across existing network resulting in improved efficiency and accuracy. This concept became popular initially in 1999 due to Auto-ID Center at MIT.

The initial bug that developed this idea was in the brain of one Kevin Ashton (one of the Founders of Auto-ID Center). His idea was majorly that if all objects and people were given identifiers, computers could manage them.

This concept can be used in designing energy efficient electronic appliances, smart homes and smart cities. Utilizing this concept in regularly used appliances would save a lot of energy and thus money.

Implementing this technology, Google, in collaboration with Levis, a popular clothing brand known for its denim jackets and trousers has launched a Project by the name Project Jacquard.

Together, they developed a denim Jacket called Tracker Jacket. This jacket combination touch and gesture interactivity into textile. This Jacket is made with conductive yarns. This yarn is made of thin metallic alloys combined with cotton, silk or polyester that makes the yarn quite strong to be woven.

Using these yarns, touch and gesture sensitive areas can be woven at any location on the given fabric. By these yarns, sensor grids can be woven long the length and breadth of the cloth creating interactive surfaces. These grids contain many electric and electronic components that are engineered to be very discreet. The above discussed yarns connect all these components that are not larger than regular button. These miniature and cute sensors capture touch interactions from the user or better the wearer. The gestures are incorporated into the jacket through Machine Learning Algorithms. All this captured data is wireless transmitted to the mobile phone or the tablet to control various apps, online services and general phone features.

Best news of all, the Jacket is made of Denim, the uniform of Gens X and Y. Making this concept all the more stylish and cool. This new denim can be manufactured in regular mills.

Yes, coming to the most asked question, are these jackets easily washable?

The answer to that question is definitely. These jackets can be washed in a regular washing machine without causing any trouble to the jacket or the machine. That is true if the pockets of the Jacket are empty.

This jacket is not yet launched in the market. But people all around the world are waiting very eagerly for it. Well, who wouldn’t it is the perfect combination of style and technology. The tag line of Big Bang Theory makes all the more sense now. Smart is the new Sexy.



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