Where to Buy Online Women Office Wear Shirt

Gone are the days when you just put a formal pair to office having decent styling. Now-a-days you have to think a lot before you slip-into any outfit to work.

Finding something suitable for office to wear is a task. For office you need an outfit which is less showy yet fashionable. We all want to maintain this perfect point. Outfits that look trendy and offer a comfortable look!  Which is necessary, we are spending half of our life in office and choosing routine outfit for office can make our life a black and white picture. The more routing you look the more boring your life will be. Believe me change in outfit and look works like a therapy. When it comes to women, they just can’t go boring with office wear. Office is a new battlefield of fashion. When it comes to women office wear, we can understand their requirement and expectation. Here at Oxolloxo we are trying to meet that expectation so that your daily how am I looking trouble gets its end. We are the designer of comfortable fashion for every occasion and season. We have an amazing collection of office wear, which includes a brilliant range of blazers, shirts, dresses, tops and trousers. Our office wear shirts collection is just apt, you can buy online women office wear shirt with us to take your office –look to the different level of fashion. Check-out what we have for your work wardrobe.

White Schiff embroidered Shirt –

A subtle piece to make you look fabulous and effortlessly stylish at the same time! A pure white Schiff embroidered shirt! Beautifully designed and nicely crafted, this piece has all to offer you a look that hard to ignore plus inspire everyone to make things simply great. We have multiple collars available in this stylish shirt. You can wear it to office and also for a casual outing depending on the styling.

Blue Long Shirt

Long shirts are very much in trend and picking them for office is a wise idea. Long shirts with slim-fit denims give you a very smart look and keeps the look comfortably modern.  A long shirt are inspired from global trend and assures a western touch to your office attire. We have few more shade in this style, in case you love other colors more.

The Pastel Shirt

The aura of pastels is very hard to ignore so why not to add them to work wardrobe. Look as cool as you are by picking this pastel green classic shirt. Perfectly tailored, buttoned and styled, this pastel number is just perfect to give your summer office collection a blissful complement. Explore the Oxolloxo.com for more shades and colors.

The Denim Shirt

Those days has gone when wearing denim to office termed as and disobedience of work culture, with the passing time denim has made it place in work wardrobe. In fact denim became the permanent number of office closet. So, don’t let your closet miss it. Buy this enticing piece and add a new smart touch to your office look.

The Lace Beauty

Lace to office? Say yes! Lace tops looks best to office when they are designed in a certain manner but when it’s a shirt with classic collar and short sleeves, you don’t have to think that much. A lace shirt is a perfect combination of sensuality and decency. All you need is just buy it and flaunt with a classic pencil skirt and black high-heels.

Oxolloxo office-wear collection has many styles to offer you that too at affordable price. Our office wear shirt collection is undoubtedly amazing but you can also explore our women office wear tops to get more amazed. Oxolloxo is a fashion retail brand making global fashion available for its lovely customers.  Bringing fashionables to common reach is our constant endurance.


Oxolloxo is a new age fashion brand inspired by colours, styles, and trends from across the globe. Get more info - http://www.oxolloxo.com/
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