Our Predictions for E-commerce Trends in 2018

E-commerce has been ruling the Internet for a few years now. Its hype has led many customers to shop, for their essentials, through the online portal. More than the...

E-commerce has been ruling the Internet for a few years now. Its hype has led many customers to shop, for their essentials, through the online portal. More than the items that these e-commerce sites offer for purchase, it is the experience that grabs the customer’s attention. From signing up on the portal to making a credit/debit purchase, the complete experience of the process is what indulges the customers into having more of the service.

With the boom of e-commerce, the forecasters are up to predicting its success in the near future. There are a few trends predicted in 2018 which each e-commerce operating business should understand and implement for the sake of higher sales and better profits.

E-Commerce Trends in 2018


Chatbots are quite in these days. These are bots that provide customers the privilege to communicate for the sake of obtaining information regarding the purchase process. The customers, via conversing with the bots, can also find answers to the queries that pertain to the purchase and payment process.

Chatbots have gained popularity for the reason that shoppers have several doubts when shopping online. These chatbots help them clear their reservations while making the process easy and satisfying.

In 2017, chatbots were only a feature of some high-profile e-commerce stores, however; with the advancement in technology and the cost-efficient techniques that have come into being, these chatbots will become a part of the small e-commerce sites as well, in 2018.


What can be better than the idea of being able to converse with an assistant for the sake of going through the purchase process?

Voice assistants are facilitators that guide customers via a pre-programmed voice that is coded with the solutions to all the obvious queries that customers are to face during shopping. Having an assistant for them is the best that a customer could get and hence, these voice assistants are to gain immense popularity in 2018.

High Personalization and More Subscriptions

The trend of personalization is predicted to increase in the year 2018. Since each customer, be it a part of the same cluster, has different preferences and interests, personalization has become a major topic to be discussed and taken forward for implementation.

Hence, in order to fuel the need, 2018 will observe a surge in subscriptions for the sake of getting customers on-board for several personalized services.

These subscriptions could be for ordinary stuff such as newsletters or for advanced ones such as item suggestions. Whatever it be, subscriptions are sure to win the show in 2018.

Artificial Intelligence

You may or may not have heard about the Big Data, however; the word is going to gain popularity in 2018. Artificial intelligence, fueled by Big Data, is going to be the trend of the time. By saying so we mean that customers will be better guided towards choosing the best stuff for purchase, with the help of a program predicting their preferences, interests, and personality traits.

On the other hand, the e-commerce sites will also be benefited by artificial intelligence as they would be allowed to dig into the data of the customers while choosing their clan to whom the products would be marketed.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality has made it to the headlines in 2017, however; is been used by only a few high-profit companies. But things are sure going to change in 2018 when virtual reality will become a part of small e-commerce sites as well.

Hence, it will be soon that you will be observing virtual dress rooms facilitating your purchase together with providing you a shopping experience that is out of the world.


Videos have always remained a major part of marketing online and will continue being significant in 2018 as well. 360-degree images of products and descriptive videos on online shopping will become a major part of the e-commerce sites while providing convenience in selecting and shopping for the right products.

Shift to Mobile Phones

2017 saw a major shift in customers from desktop computers to mobile phones. The shift is to accelerate in 2018 as more customers would switch to using handheld devices. This shift will fuel the operations of the e-commerce sites while making these sites a major mode of purchase.

Following the above-mentioned trends, a business can easily make its e-commerce site more profitable and engaging for both its existing and new customers.

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