B2B Inbound Marketing- Fruitful Tips to Boost your Link Building Strategy

This article guides the B2B inbound marketing experts with the fruitful tips to boost your link building strategy.   With the right B2B inbound marketing strategy in place; link...

This article guides the B2B inbound marketing experts with the fruitful tips to boost your link building strategy.


With the right B2B inbound marketing strategy in place; link building can be an incredibly effective approach to establishing a powerful authority for amplifying the long-term and sustainable organic visibility. Unfortunately, it is extremely easy to find yourself turning back to old and obsolete methods.

With several different ways to link building, it is really essential for digital marketers to look at the bigger picture for creating the biggest impact. There are a massive selection of link building strategies which do not really need a huge amount of resource or expenditure, so whether you are working for an inbound marketing agency or in-house, chuck out the cobwebs which are plaguing your digital marketing strategy and step up.

Read on the below-mentioned approaches to improve your approach towards link building.

Explore the Fruitful Tips to Boost your Link Building Strategy:

  • Always Remember the Basics: Always remember the basics, specifically when you are constantly coming across with a lot of inspirational content which assures to be the best and only approach you might ever require. Revisiting the old and non-linked brand mentions and fixing the broken links might really have a great impact, mainly if from a powerful authority website.
  • Get Engrossed in the Brand: If you are working with a B2B inbound marketing agency then, having an online brand engagement or discovery day could be very useful if you approach it in a right manner. Begin with a complete list of everything you would want to find out about a prospective client, their offerings or online brand and question them. If any of your clients hold their cards too close to their chest then, an online brand engagement day can give them an opportunity to hold on who and what they are as an online brand and how they work. It also gives them a chance to meet their PR representatives and understand how you can work together to complement each other’s work.
  • Value Relationships: Having an excellent relationship with a website or influencer is equally important as a great piece of content is. Follow them on all the popular social media marketing channels, comment on their activities, become a known face and a name which is regularly in touch with effective sales pitches and unique ideas. After this, they will start coming directly to you for unique content and concepts in just no time.
  • Create a Futuristic Strategy: Top search engines constantly change their algorithms. Sadly, digital marketers cannot predict what’s in store for the future and might invest a lot of time protecting a link, just for the link to all of a sudden have no value at all. Look at the bigger picture and create futuristic strategies which are built exclusively on authenticity. Create good and powerful links from authoritative websites. Look genuine and give value to your content and insights.
  • Don’t Worry About Nofollow Links: Keeping a futuristic approach towards creating link building strategies often leads to getting a no follow link or a non-linked citation. Few websites have a policy, while some websites do no follow links automatically. If any citation is authentically driving web traffic and brand awareness then, if it is a no follow link or non-linked citation won’t really trouble you much.
  • Scrutinize your Own Backlinks Profile: Constantly monitor your own back-link profile to grow it, but surprisingly this is something that many link-builders put at the bottom of their to-do list. It is important to see which new websites are getting linked to you, for building a strong relationship and contribute better content or insights. Many websites link to you, but they will not tell you, so it is crucial to keep a watch on this. Also keep a check on which websites stop linking to you, as you can try and get that link back or establish a relationship with that website.
  • Monitor Your Main Competitors: Monitoring your top competitors’ activities is an extremely cost-effective and time-effective approach to find out new websites to contact, new content possibilities and outreach techniques to use. Making use of the competitor links for your own profits is always profitable and doesn’t really require a lot of time for making things even simpler. It is something which you can automate through setting up Google Alerts or back-link alerts and reports on effective tools such as SEMRush. Competitors are always getting new links, so this is something which must be constantly monitored.

Nearly all link building strategies by digital marketers fall in the category of quick-wins and the outcomes might have the massive impact on your website’s authority and online brand awareness.

Staying cautious of the latest link building advancements is very important, as an out-of-date strategy can shatter your futuristic B2B inbound marketing strategy and delay the success of your website.


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