Get Closer To The World With An Online Social Platform

World is wide, huge to see and cover and so is the Human taste and preferences, infinite and countless, we all look for optimization. A fullest utilization of what we see and feel. Get it confined, bring thoughts together and enjoy being compact.

There are always different parameters for happiness; do you feel pleased when friends are around you? When you get something new to learn? Or when you hear the music of your taste? Or maybe something else makes you feel lively.

Yes, the dimensions and definition of life, happiness, peace, entertain changes from person to person and we keep on exploring what’s new, what’s more happening these days. But at times there comes a thought that is there anything around that can make things easy for us. Can deliver us all we demanded in one go without consuming much time and also could be easily reachable. That seems to be a dream to everyone.

A year back it was transformed into reality with the launch of, a platform offering a trio of social networking and a combination of learning, communication, networking and entertainment. has emerged among social networking portals as a solution to all cropped up needs for an individual.

It has made world compact and reachable, has extended ways of connection with masses, buddies and brains, offering a trio of networking as O- Zone, My- Zone & Biz-Zone, which support three independent profile and maintain three segregated lists of activity and do not merge the friends in respective zones.

With support to learning it has E-learning, the digital empowerment for education, where the lectures of your stream along with sample paper and notes are available free of cost. It includes the basic and advanced level and has lectures uploaded using the cutting edge technology, which does not, seems to be like the traditional classroom teaching, instead will increase the interest in learning. Covering the aspect of Jobs, Images, Games, Emails; the portal has covered a wide spectrum of the activities around and using it makes you feel pleasant.

As the names indicate, it is a portal for all, covering everything, it has the entertainment section, the sabakuch music, which includes music as per users preferences and tastes covering different genres whether old Bollywood songs, regional songs, new songs and others. The music portal launched on 7th Sep 2016, has distinctive features with updated functionalities, where artist and labels can earn via original music and also can track their revenue by audio streaming.

Online social networking has made things confined and had made world small with increasing reach, this is all about the visionary ideas with the use of technology; get closer to the world with it.

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