WordPress Landing Page importance and their need for websites

WordPress Landing Page

Landing pages are loved by one and all because they help in sales and lead generation. Sales and leads are important for any business and when you place an online or offline ad people do not want to be distracted by other things of a website otherwise you might even loose the person.

Hence its important that when people click on your ad they go to a landing page and thereafter fill up the form for either contacting further or buy the product or the service quickly from there.

This is possible only with the help of landing pages. Hence the importance and need of landing page has been discussed time and again.

Conversion rates increase a lot when you check that people coming to landing pages don’t have much option than checking the videos and checking why they should select us and an optin box for leaving their info and details for call back etc.

Also there can be payment gateway integration as well.

Essential elements of a landing page include:

a. USP of the business: USP of the business like your unique selling proposition. Every business has a USP that differentiates it from the competition. It is important to highlight your USP and thus make your customer realize why they should buy or take your service.

A nice example would be of Dominos Pizza where they claim to get you the pizza in 30 minutes or else delivered for free.

A nice USP would set up expectations properly and make customers realize what they are going to get.

USP can be broken down into:

Main headline which will boldly describe just like a tagline.

Supporting headline which will explain the USP properly.

Reinforcing statement which will help customers realize whats it about and a closing statement of argument as to why you offer such a USP.

b. Nice video and photo shoot: Nice video explanation is just like an icing on the cake. As you know visuals speak more than words and moving visuals speak more than images you get the gist of the business and can explain everything in a short time to your customers using a video. A video is beneficial in many ways and thus a landing page video will make things more better for you.

In case you don’t have a video then probably a slideshow of images showing different reasons of selection over others and how it works will be good enough to explain things better.

c. Benefits and Why Us? Benefits can be explained separately in pointers. Any pointers or bullet points of how you are better than the rest and what is on the offering will only ensure customers can quickly browse through the benefits and features and quickly grab a copy.

d. Social Proof: Social proof is important and hence social media platform feed or the number of likes or shares the more the number the more engagement is with your customers and more and more customers will feel secured while dealing with you.

e. Call to action: Call to action like a form or a buy now button or call us back form or contact info is just important because once the customer reads everything about the business and the benefits etc then they might want to purchase or contact you for the offer or the product. At that time you should have a clear cut call to action so that the customer doesn’t have to spend much time searching for the same.

Some of the free landing page builder plugins available in WordPress repository have been listed below which work and should have you able to put up a nice landing page on your website in no time.

The importance of these plugins is that they are WordPress based and are free to use:

Free ones:
a. Landing Page builder by WishPond
b. Parallax Gravity
c. Ultimate Landing Page
d. Live Composer
e. Elementor

Paid Ones are also available as listed below if someone wants to try them and wants better features because every time its not possible to have every feature you can imagine into a landing page builder integrated. Of course some free ones are better than the paid ones so its for you to decide which one goes better for your business:

a. Qards
b. Thrive
c. OptimizePress
d. Instabuilder
e. WP Profit Builder

Conclusion: WordPress themes available for free are similarly good for try and they are most of the times have better features than their premium counterparts and you can try them and use them easily to get yourself a great website in no time and thus a landing page for sales and effective website resulting in lots of sales and leads.

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