How to create paranormal website, from free WordPress themes?

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The word ‘Paranormal’ itself brings shivers down the spine. Indeed it is self explanatory, something beyond or above the normal limits or in other words something unbelievable, horrifying, haunting or ghostly. Planning to build a paranormal website would be a great idea in terms of visitors and monetary gains. This article will help you materialize your website plan and will throw light on requirements for building a great paranormal website.

Step1: Domain Name and Web Hosting Server
Obtain a domain name like, The name should be such that it should be attention seeker and people should be tempted to visit the site as soon as they see its name. it is possible that all small domain names would be taken so try adding a descriptive word with the domain name. Suppose if ghosthunters is taken you can opt for yourownghosthunter etc. Then, take up a web space or domain space. Sign up for domain host providers and get a web hosting server and ask for full permissions.

Step2: Creating and Designing Website
Now, you have a domain name and space, we have to now focus on website building. I would personally recommend WordPress for designing and managing your site. This Content Management System has PHP as base language. It has become very popular among the developers and the rated number one website designing tool. You can easily build a professionally looking website without being techno savvy.

Coming on to designing part, you actually don’t need to design one but you need to choose one. Yes!!! WordPress is available with many free and paid themes which you just need to download and install it. Complete layout of the website changes. You can get free WordPress themes from, etc. just google it and you will get one. Select a theme with a dark background not necessarily be black. Dark adds to a spooky look, something more haunted and horrifying, People don’t like messy website. Your blog should be readable and clearer.

Step3: Adding plugins
WordPress is powered by thousands of plugins. If you just feel something is missing, you have a plugin for that. Free plugins are available on site. Check them by clicking on Plugins. Some third party paid plugins are also available across internet you can also opt them. the main advantage of having a paid plugin is that you get full support either through mail or live chat and you always get an updated version. Some essential one are spam blockers, Facebook integration, visitor record and adding a contact form.

Step4: Content Filling
Content is the Supreme Commander. It is only your content or blog which will be holding down the visitors and drawing traffic towards your site. No matter how theme oriented your site is but if the content is not complementing it then it’s a total failure. Create unique and blogs, ask for stories or personal experiences of the user.

Step5: Promote your website
This is the main step. Strategically planning and promoting your website is indeed very critical. Promote your websites across social platforms like Facebook, Twitter and create a fan page over there and link your blog with it. There are certain plugins available which will help developer of website to integrate with Facebook so that people can even login with their Facebook account and leave comment over there. No extra signup required.

WordPress has inbuilt SEO functionality. Include as many meta keywords as you can so to attain a good search engine optimization. Power your WordPress website with amazing free WordPress themes and some outstanding plugins so as to mark your niche in the paranormal website arena. GOOD LUCK!!

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